Important Tips on How to Jump Higher

By Bart Icles

In any basketball game, it is always a thrill to see players who are able to deliver the ball straight to the basket through spectacular dunks. It is just like seeing volleyball players being able to fly high to deliver powerful spikes. However, when you are relatively shorter than the other players, it is easy to believe that you will never be able to execute a dunk or spike just like the tall players do. Do not be surprised if your coach will tell you that what you believe is not totally true. You coach is not trying to pull your leg. It is quite possible for you to dunk or spike although you are short if you just learn how to jump higher. There are lots of tips on how to jump higher and you can read more about them in several websites.

One of the most popular tips on how to jump higher is exercise. Indeed, nothing beats building all those muscles involved in jumping if you really want to achieve a higher vertical leap. These exercises do not necessarily involve the use of expensive machines. What you really need is access to the right kinds of exercises, to learn how to properly perform them, and to be able to follow a regular exercise schedule. The most effective exercises include plyometrics, deep knee bends, jump rope, hamstring workouts, and toe raises.

Another important factor in learning how to jump higher is observing a well balanced diet. A well balanced diet is important in ensuring that you are in the right shape. If you do not have the proper health and fitness level, the height of the vertical jump that you will be able to achieve can be greatly affected. Make it a habit to include fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet, aside from loading up on protein. Cut down on junk foods and alcohol, and keep an eye on your calorie intake so you can better ensure that you are not carrying excess fat with you.

What most people miss out when they try to learn how to jump higher is the importance of sufficient rest and sleep. One of the most important tips on how to jump higher that you will ever learn is giving your body enough time to recover. Sleep for about 8 hours a day and make it a habit to rest for awhile when you think you really cannot go on with another round of drills and exercises.

These are only some of the valuable tips on how to jump higher... there are still many out there. Learn more about them today and experience what it takes to deliver impressive dunks and unstoppable spikes. - 31494

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