Jump Higher - Increase Your Vertical Jump

By Dana Goldberg

There can be many reasons for wanting to improve vertical jump. It is an important skill to have in various competitive sports and events such as basketball and athletics. To be a good all-round athlete requires more than just a quick pace.

How high can u jump today, test yourself. You would be lucky to be able to leap more than 40 centimetres vertically. Even the most famous NBA stars were not born with the ability to jump as high as they do in important games. It takes years of dedicated exercise and fitness regimes to be able to out perform other players.

The exercises and techniques that are known to improve vertical leap as easy to practice. There is no need to hire an expensive trainer or join a gym simply to be able to jump higher.

First of all you are going to need to practice. To be good at any activity will take practice. If you quickly get bored of jumping up and down on the spot then you can try incorporating a skipping rope in to your training routine for more variation. A skipping rope is the only piece of equipment you will need to improve your vertical jump. Many top sportspeople will skip on a daily basis to enhance their overall fitness level.

At first it may take some time to get use to jumping over a skipping rope but it is not too difficult. Also it will help to develop your coordination.

In many sports it is important to out jump other players from a running position as well as from standing. You will need to practice sprinting and jumping. This exercise will also develop your balance and posture when in the air. A fun way to carry out this routine would be to hang objects from various heights from a ceiling and then practice running and grabbing the objects. - 31494

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Tips on Selecting a Jump Higher Workout

By Bart Icles

Do you want to achieve a higher vertical jump height? If you do, you must already know that you have to work for it. However, this sounds a lot easier than what it really seems. Learning how to jump higher is no joke, especially with several jump higher programs released in the market that do not really do anything to help you improve your jumping ability. One of the things you will need to have access to if you want to learn how to jump higher is a reliable jump higher workout. Do not think that this is impossible because you can certainly get your hands on one if you know how to find one.

One of the most important things you need to take note of when looking for a jump higher workout is that the best does not always need to be the most expensive. It is even possible for you to find the right kind of workout that will make you jump higher without spending a single cent on it. The key to jumping higher is not on how much money you have spent on your program but it is on how well your kind of workout can address your individual needs.

Another thing you should look into when selecting a jump higher workout is that your workout plan must no only include exercises and drills that will help you increase the height of your vertical leap, it must also include a schedule as to when and how often you should do these workouts, as well as when and how long you should rest. This will help ensure that you can develop the right kinds of muscles properly while allowing them to fully recover from the stress placed on them while working out or training.

Your workout plan to jump higher must also include guides on what kinds of diets you should follow while training or working out. These diet plans will give you a good idea on what kinds of food to eat to ensure that you are properly nourished throughout the course of your training. Remember that the kind of food you eat can have significant effects not only on your jumping abilities but also on your overall health and fitness.

Keep these things in mind when selecting a jump higher workout. In this manner, you will have better chances of achieving the jump height that you have always dreamed about. - 31494

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What's Shaquille O'Neal's Shoe Size?

By Michael Janston

Often known simply as 'Shaq', Shaquille O'Neal is a world famous basketball player. Not only that, he is also a rapper and an actor and has appeared in a number of movies and other entertainment venues. He is well known for his size, especially as enormous shoe size.

Shaquille O'Neal has a shoe size of 22 but he is 7 feet and 1 inch tall and weighing 325 pounds, he makes a perfect basketball player. Even many of the world's other basketball players who are also popular are relatively dwarfed by him.

Some people put Shaquille O'Neal's shoe size to be as great as 23 but is generally considered to be 22. The currently plays for the team known as the Cleveland Cavaliers although he has played with a number of teams over the impressive stretch of his career.

These championships were one mostly with the Los Angeles Lakers team but one was one with Miami Heat which was the most recent NBA world championship award back in 2006.

Shaquille O'Neal has not just spent his entire career limited to the world of basketball however. He has also been involved in numerous other ventures, businesses and past times.

Shaquille O'Neal also began a small music career, getting into rap music. To date, he has released five studio albums. He has also released a compilation album more recently. On top of this, he has also had a small career in acting and has appeared in quite a few television programs, especially reality TV shows. It is believed that he wanted a role in X-Men, but was unfortunately denied. His face appears on the covers and packaging of various video games in the basketball genre. Shaquille O'Neal continued to develop his prestigious career, even dabbling in law enforcement. - 31494

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Go Big Blue! Order University of Kentucky Bank Checks

By Alan Plastin

Are you trying to find a way to make your bank checks more interesting without spending a fortune? Are you a fan of the University of Kentucky Wildcats? If so, then ordering your U.K. Wildcats checks online will not only save you money, but also give your otherwise ordinary bank checks a boost.

The University of Kentucky is located in Lexington, Kentucky. It is the largest university in the state and was founded in 1865. The wildcat is the official mascot for the athletic teams and royal blue and white have been the official colors since 1882.

A founding member of the Southeastern Conference, they have won 7 NCAA championships. Adolph Rupp was hired as the basketball coach for the university in 1939 and continued with the team until 1972. The Wildcats won four NCAA crowns during those years. After that, they won again in 1978 under Joe B. Hall, in 1996 under Rick Pitino, and in 1998 under Tubby Smith.

The men also have 43 SEC regular season titles and 1988 all-time wins, in addition to their 7 NCAA wins. The University of Kentucky also leads other colleges in its all-time winning percentage.

Rupp Arena is the home stadium for the team and on game days, you can be sure to find downtown Lexington packed with the hordes of fans that come to show their support.

Even the cheerleaders have had success. They have collected 17 UCA Division I-A Cheerleading Championships. In addition, the WE even had a reality show about them.

If you're a fan of the U.K. Wildcats and you tailgate on game days, drive hours in all types of weather for away games, and take off work early so that you don't miss the radio commentary, then the University of Kentucky personal bank checks are ideal for you.

The first checks to consider are the Kentucky Logo Checks. These contain a light blue background with the "U.K" insignia. They also have an illustration of the wildcat in the corner. You can purchase coordinating accessories with these checks including return labels, debit wallet, and a royal blue leather checkbook cover.

If you are that devoted fan that is constantly disagreeing with the referees, taking off early on game days, and have blue and white furniture in your house, then the Kentucky #1 Fan Checks might be the ones for you. You can also buy matching accessories with these checks, too.

Although it might have been costly to purchase checks from your local bank in the past, now you can buy them online and save as much as 50% off of the price that your bank might have charged you. In addition, you can have a larger selection to select from. It should take the checks around 3-5 days to arrive which might even be quicker than what your bank could have gotten them to you at. Remember to have your routing number and checking account number handy when you order them. - 31494

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Basketball Can Liven Up Your Personal Checks

By Alan Plastin

If you love basketball and you're looking for a way to make your bank checks more interesting, then there is no better way to support your favorite sport than to purchase basketball-themed checks.

Only a small number of sports, like basketball, have the distinction of being originated by a North American. The first official basketball game was played inside a YMCA training gymnasium in Springfield, Massachusetts, in 1892. It has stayed one of the most popular sports to play ever since. Not only is it a good game because it is fast-paced, enlivening, and just plain good fun to watch and play, but since it is played indoors, it is a sport that is able to be enjoyed year round.

College basketball is of the most popular sports to watch. Legions of fans tune in every year to watch the NCAA championships. The first college basketball game was played in 1895. Dr. James Naismith was instrumental in bringing basketball to the university level and two of his prodigies, Adolph Rupp and Amos Alonzo Stagg, started basketball programs at the University of Kentucky and the University of Kansas-two teams that are still going strong today.

You could find yourself attracted to the standard basketball checks if it's just the game itself that you enjoy. The standard check series include 4 rotating images of features of the game. It doesn't make a difference what team you play for or root for; these checks are for everyone that loves basketball. The 4 images comprise of a close up of a group of basketballs, the back of a referee, a ball in the net, and a ball rolling on the gym floor.

Checks that feature your favorite NBA team can be purchased as well. Since all 30 of the NBA teams have their own checks, you'll be sure to find the one that you support. Regardless of whether you cheer on the Miami Heat, the New York Knicks, the LA Lakers, the Houston Rockets, or the Chicago Bulls, you can readily show your team pride every time you write a check. You can also purchase a matching checkbook cover to protect your new checks. The checkbook covers are fun since they have the look and feel of a genuine basketball.

Basketball isn't just for men, either. With the "Women in Sports" series, checks that feature women playing basketball can be found. These checks feature a beautiful image of women on the court. Coordinating contact cards, address labels, and a matching checkbook cover can be purchased with these checks as well.

Furthermore, you don't have to worry about your bank checks being hard on your wallet anymore. Whereas it was time consuming and costly to go to the bank, select a design from a small collection, and then wait roughly 2 weeks to get your checks in the past, you can now avoid all of that and acquire them on the Internet.

By getting your checks from a protected company, you can save as much as 50% off the price that you might have ordinarily paid at your local bank branch. You will also have a variety of images to select from, as well as the basketball checks that you want.

By purchasing online, you can anticipate receiving your checks in around 5 days. - 31494

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Allen Iverson Tattoos Each Bare Their Own Meaning

By Kelley Jaston

Tattoos have never been more popular, however despite how many people have tattoos Allen Iversons tattoos are getting the young star a lot of unnecessary attention. A lot of people state that the young basketball star has gone too far with all the ink that he has over his body, but who are we to judge?

Everyone has their own views on the tattooed generation. One thing does stand firm however, regardless of how many tattoos a person has on their body, they are still a person and they get the tattoos for their own underlying reasons. Before you can begin to understand things about Allen Iverson's tattoos you have to understand who he truly is as a person.

Everyone is allowed to express themselves in their own manner. For some people like the famous basketball star they need to use vivid images to keep them going and as a means to show people who they are without ever having to say a word.

When Allen Iverson began his professional basketball career straight out of college he had adorned himself with one particular tattoo which was of a bull dog. The bull dog got him into the NBA. He showed that he was as fierce as the dog and could keep going through any adversity that people tried to throw his way.

Allen is always talked about when it comes to his tattoos. People who do not have tattoos find it hard to understand why someone would want so many in the first place. Allen Iverson tattoos have gotten him called different names such as rebellious and have showed people that he has a bad boy persona.

However, just because Allen has chosen to adorn his body with tattoos does not make him a bad person. In fact every tattoo that is depicted on the stars body has a special meaning to him. Whenever hes playing his heart out at a game or simply lounging around, he looks at his tattoos and draws all the inspiration that he needs in order to push himself forward from them. - 31494

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Reasons Foot Supports Are So Important If You're Into Sport

By Jenny Tai

Ankle braces are a great aid in preventing ankle sprains, especially if you're into playing high impact sports such as volleyball, basketball or football. Compared to elastic ankle tape, ankle brace provide better support for your ankle and reduce the risk of you twisting or rolling your ankles.

Go to any sporting health store and you will probably find a huge variety of different brands of ankle braces available. There are many models of foot supports available and each caters to specific types of ankle injuries that you might encounter.

The ankle brace supports are great as they're not only light and do not limit your ankle movements, they are also extremely comfortable to wear - your foot just feels really snug in it. While some braces on the market are designed for light exercise and walking, others offer even better protection - good for people who have recovered from torn ligaments in their lower leg. Once a ligament has been ripped, even after surgery you'll never get the same amount of stability you once had with the ankle.

Whether you have weak ankles or rolled your ankle pretty badly in the past, it is highly recommended that you wear an ankle cast if you intend to get back into your favorite sport. It's quite affordable these days anyway and you can pick one up cheaply online (expect to fork out around $200 for a pair of maximum protection ASO ankle brace sports braces).

It's important to avoid further injury caused by wearing inappropriate ankle supports. You will need to pick one that fits you like a glove in order for it to be affective.

Choosing the right brace will depend on your circumstance: have you recently twisted your ankle badly? Have you torn a ligament and had reconstructive surgery? If both the above are true, you need to get advise on the most appropriate foot wear from your doctor first.


The only way to really select the right model is to go down to the shop and actually test each one out. You might be required to bring along a new pair of socks to put on before trying out the brace due to hygiene reasons.

A final word of caution: after you get your brace and put it on, give yourself a few days to get accustomed to it as initially it might feel a little uncomfortable. At the same time, go slow and don't over-exert yourself in your sporting activity until you get a feel for the amount of support you're going to get from the ankle brace. - 31494

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Some of the Things to Look for in a Jump Higher Program

By Bart Icles

There are tons of jump higher training programs out there but the chances of finding one that would best suit your needs is often slim. To help you find the kind of jump higher program that would best work for you, you will need to take note of some important factors. There might only be a few good training programs but you it is always possible to find the one that can best help you increase the height of your vertical leap.

You know that you have a good jump higher program on your hands when it uses a well rounded or an all around approach. You have to remember that it takes more than just a single aspect to give significant improvements in your jumping abilities. To help ensure that you will be getting the kind of results that you have been hoping form, try to select a system or program that includes a good range of effective methods so you can get the most out of the different workouts you do in each training session.

Of course, a jump higher program will not be one without having any jumping exercise. While most programs out there include jumping exercises, not all of them are effective - they simply make you move but they do so little in building the necessary muscles and muscle groups that will help you achieve higher vertical leaps. What you need is a program that can teach you the right kinds of exercises not only through text and pictures, but also through videos. In this manner, you will have a better idea of the proper form that you will need to achieve while you are up in the air.

You would also need a training guide or manual that covers flexibility and resistance training. Experts believe that the best way to achieve this is through plyometric workouts so it is best that you find yourself a program that includes such workouts and teaches you how to properly do such workouts. By doing so, you can be assured that you will be able to effectively receive the kind of training you need.

Adding inches to your vertical leap is no joke nor is it just another workout thing. If you are serious about being able to achieve higher vertical jumps, do your best to get your hands on a jump higher program that cover all the important aspects involved in making you achieve higher vertical leaps. - 31494

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Discover The Secrets About Carmelo Anthony And Lala

By Jaque Moss

Carmelo Anthony and Lala Vasquez originally met in 2003. They remained friends for a month before pursuing more. Ever since, they continue a strong relationship. Many see them as one of the hottest couples that were made for each other.

They met in a club for those that don't already know. According to Lala, Melo was asking their mutual friend DJ Clue about her for some time. After a while, they were both in the same club and Melo spotted her and went up and started talking with her. From there, they became friends, which progressed into a relationship.

It was Christmas day on 2004 that Melo asked Lala to marry him. From there, they found out Lala was expecting in 2006. Kiyan was born to them on March 7, 2007 the following year.

Melo's 25 and Lala 30, so they are five years apart in age and their son is two years old. Lala has a career as a TV personality and continues to various work related. Melo, continues playing with the Denver Nuggets, who he has been with since 2003.

When Carmelo Anthony and Lala will marry, remains unknown. They seem to want to wait and do not see having a child as a reason to marry. For close to 7 years since they first started going out, they have been together now.

Both of them have been through a lot together. They went through a period where Melo was arrested for a DUI and then Lala was ejected from one of Melo's games, due to her becoming upset with fans. Additionally, there have been claims that Melo has been seeing a 24 year old in Los Angeles, whether true that is unknown. Melo and Lala continue a relationship as engaged, when they get married, who knows? - 31494

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How A Superior Ankle Brace Can Get You Playing After An Injury

By Mark Webbly

Ankles are one of the most injury-prone joints in our body. Since they support our entire body weight, it is no wonder almost everyone active in sports would have experienced a rolled ankle. By performing routine exercises to build ankle strength, which can help avoid further sprains from occurring.

If you have suffered from an injury in the past, the ligaments in your ankle have already been stretched and will not be as strong as they used to be. It is therefor crucial for you to take part in exercises to build strength back into your ankles as weak ankles tend to be extremely prone to sprains.

The most common ankle sprains are seen in sports that require sudden movements such as tennis. Other sports that require a lot of jumping can put strain on the lower leg as well and also increase the risks of ankle injury. Having strong ankles if you are into these type of sports is very important.

To help add support to the ankles, you will find that most people who have suffered from injuries in the past tend to tape up their ankles before a match. The tape can provided much needed additional support for people with injury-prone ankles. If you search on "YouTube", you will find many great example video guides on how to tape your ankle properly.

Besides the use of tape, there are other alternatives out there that provide even better support for your ankles. Tape is good however there's a limit to how much support it actually provides. Tape is quite expensive in the long run due to the fact that it does wear out after a while and requires you to buy a new set every few months or so, depending on how often you utilize it. Moreover, it takes a lot of time to wrap your ankle up and you have to know the right way to do it.

Now there are other ways you can provide that much needed extra support to your ankles without the need of manually taping up your ankles each time. You can purchase ankle braces for under $100 these days and they are high quality lower leg supports that never need replacing.

One of the best ankle supports available on the market is the ASO ankle stabilizer brace. It's light and strong and allows you to wear your sports shoes right over it without any discomfort. Another couple of brands to have a look at are McDavid and Aircast, if you're into serious sports or have suffered from an ankle injury in the past.

Ankle braces do provide you with the confidence and strength in your lower leg but remember that you cannot solely depend on this alone, as warm up, stretching and muscle strengthening have a big part to play in injury prevention as well. - 31494

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Important Tips on How to Jump Higher

By Bart Icles

In any basketball game, it is always a thrill to see players who are able to deliver the ball straight to the basket through spectacular dunks. It is just like seeing volleyball players being able to fly high to deliver powerful spikes. However, when you are relatively shorter than the other players, it is easy to believe that you will never be able to execute a dunk or spike just like the tall players do. Do not be surprised if your coach will tell you that what you believe is not totally true. You coach is not trying to pull your leg. It is quite possible for you to dunk or spike although you are short if you just learn how to jump higher. There are lots of tips on how to jump higher and you can read more about them in several websites.

One of the most popular tips on how to jump higher is exercise. Indeed, nothing beats building all those muscles involved in jumping if you really want to achieve a higher vertical leap. These exercises do not necessarily involve the use of expensive machines. What you really need is access to the right kinds of exercises, to learn how to properly perform them, and to be able to follow a regular exercise schedule. The most effective exercises include plyometrics, deep knee bends, jump rope, hamstring workouts, and toe raises.

Another important factor in learning how to jump higher is observing a well balanced diet. A well balanced diet is important in ensuring that you are in the right shape. If you do not have the proper health and fitness level, the height of the vertical jump that you will be able to achieve can be greatly affected. Make it a habit to include fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet, aside from loading up on protein. Cut down on junk foods and alcohol, and keep an eye on your calorie intake so you can better ensure that you are not carrying excess fat with you.

What most people miss out when they try to learn how to jump higher is the importance of sufficient rest and sleep. One of the most important tips on how to jump higher that you will ever learn is giving your body enough time to recover. Sleep for about 8 hours a day and make it a habit to rest for awhile when you think you really cannot go on with another round of drills and exercises.

These are only some of the valuable tips on how to jump higher... there are still many out there. Learn more about them today and experience what it takes to deliver impressive dunks and unstoppable spikes. - 31494

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Baron Davis; The Leader of the Los Angeles Clippers

By Luke Feldbaum

The Los Angeles Clippers lucked out this year. While the team didn't have the worst record in the NBA last season, they were pretty downright bad. This was pretty surprising considering the fact that the team had signed both Baron Davis and Marcus Camby - two very big names.

My verdict so far is that he can. In preseason games, he has played with a definite chip on his shoulder. He came to Los Angeles with the goal of resurrecting a franchise in desperate need of success.

His statistics still don't show that he is completely healthy and playing at his high level again, but he has taken a leadership role. His numbers don't need to be at his all time peak if his leadership role plays a big part of the team.

An extremely versatile player, Griffin's power and forcefulness are the type that can positively impact any team. He's a franchise player in the mold of a Tim Duncan.

You may remember that Duncan, alongside David Robinson, led the Spurs to an NBA championship during the very beginning of his career. Can Blake Griffin have a similar type of impact for the Los Angeles Clippers?

The Clippers have a very long history of failures and never found that core group of players that meshed long enough to make a serious playoff run. The leading scorer on the Clippers last season Zach Randolph, who isn't on the team anymore. They only won 19 games with him as the leading scorer so it was time to make a change one would assume.

The Clippers will struggle to get points this upcoming season it would seem. Blake Griffin must carry the load and try getting more shot attempts for Baron Davis - who by his standards had an awful season. Marcus Camby missed 20 games and is getting older also.

Davis came to the Clippers with great intentions, and he can make a quick turnaround with a team that does have some nice pieces. Los Angeles will only have one relevant NBA team again this season though unless Baron Davis can lead the way at the point. - 31494

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Increase Vertical Jump For Free

By Ben J. Mihajlov

What can you expect by increasing your vertical jump ? The answer lies in the sport you play and if it's required to outperform other players. In basketball, your capabilities of strong vertical jumping is everything in relation to your jump shots, blocks, and rebounds. You can be an underdog if you cannot reach up and above competitors for rebounds because rebounds determine the success of a game. Defensive players must block out opponents when creating a solid position; point guards must have a straight vertical in order to get shots over taller players. The world of basketball depends on your vertical jumping; in this article, you're going to learn three tips to help increase vertical jumps today.

1. Weight Lifting and Plyometric Exercises

Plyometrics are categorized by their amazing ability to increase reactive strength and jumping skill and coordination. Plyometric exercises are able to increase the number of fast-twitch muscle fibers in a certain muscle group. Consistent plyometric training will result in enhanced sports performance, improved vertical jumping abilities, and faster sprinting times.

The plyometric exercises typically are quick reactions to resistance like gravity or weights. It could be simply jumping as high as you can until you can not reach your maximum jump any more. Some exercises may include jumping over or on top of boxes, then jumping down off them. With plyometric exercises, it is important that each rep attempt is quick and attempt to achieve the maximum every time. Along with strength training, plyometrics provides a perfect complement to increase your vertical jump quickly.

2. Sprints, Intervals, and Agility Drills

Strong jumps require stability, flexibility, and frequency in monitoring the twitch fibers of your legs and core. The core muscles (upper abdominal, lower back, and lower abs) experience a crunch when you have to move into the air. If you've ever paid attention to great jumpers, their core muscles are quite tight. They are able to move in a flexible motion by increasing vertical reaction times to jumps.

Sprints and intervals are perfect supplements to increase vertical because they improve the reaction time of muscles. Your legs build a quick fiber muscle between the hamstrings, quadriceps, and calves that are pulled during jumps. Seems interesting? Strong jumpers are also fast runners because they integrate timed sprints (100 yards, suicides, and agility drills) that create a scheduled reaction to their reflexes.

3. Lose Excess Weight

Weight can stress the muscles of your ankles, knees, and core. Reducing the overall fat deposit of your core muscles can improve your vertical jumping abilities. Basketball players are encouraged to have more muscle than fat because it improves one's speed, reaction time, and agility on the court. In order to increase vertical power from your core, analyze your eating habits to see how it can change for weight purposes. Another issue to consider is your position; forwards and centers may need to build muscle in order to control physical contact during rebounds. Centers and Forwards require a very diligent jump ability to keep up with competition in the paint. Short shots tend to cause rebounds to reflect into the middle of the paint, which causes a lot of physical contact with players. Your vertical jumping exercises should be strong and controlled in order to produce results in monitoring the paint. - 31494

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Indiana Pacers Danny Granger Breaks Out

By Abe Hibbert

The 2008-2009 basketball season brought us the breakout of a little known player to those not adamant about the NBA.

The bright side to their season was that they didn't have trouble scoring; they averaged 105 points per game, 5th in the NBA. They still managed to go less than .500 on the season, thanks to their defensive qualities.

Granger's scoring averages have increased every year since he has been in the league since 04'. 08'-09' Granger was fifth in scoring at 25.1 points per game - look for another year similar this season as well.

The Pacers have a young team with a good upside. The defense was their death blow last season giving up more points then they could score. More emphasis needs to be put on defense; we know the team can score.

His three point shooting was exceptional, as Granger averaged 2.7 three pointers made per game, and shot at a percentage that exceeded 40 percent. The Indiana Pacers were thrilled with this production and made it clear throughout the course of the season.

Granger's 87.8 free throw percentage was also among the best in the NBA. Had the Pacers been a winning team last season, Granger would have received far more credit. Still, his game should continue to improve, and it's only a matter of time before Danny Granger becomes a household name.

Unfortunately for Pacer fans, he can't do it all on his own. He's a great player to build the team around, but they need some serious help defensively. This team can score points, but there's no way to go deep with a weak defense.

Their draft this year looks like it could potentially solve this problem, but not right off the bat. Tyler Hansbrough has proven that he can play defense, but that's at the NCAA level. It will take time to develop into a star in the NBA, but he's got the potential. - 31494

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How To Choose A Pair Of New Jordans

By Carlo Dallago

Nike has been in the business of designing footwear for a number of decades. In the 1980s there was an increase in demand for a quality sports shoe as more people took up various sports and started working out. Back then the choice of shoes available was a lot less and those that were being sold were not so comfortable when exercising. It was because of this that Nike introduced the Air Jordan. Since then Nike have sold millions of pairs, and today new Jordans are still in demand.

The design of the Air Jordan was completely different than every other kind of sports shoe. Twenty years ago most trainers were created for jogging or running, there was no design specially manufactured for the basketball court. Nike introduced a new technology that involved a small pocket of gas in the sole of the shoe. This allowed basketball players and other sportspeople a greater lift and more comfort.

The popularity of the Air Jordan increased as they were marketed in a tie up with the then unknown Michael Jordan. As his reputation increased so did the sales of the Air Jordan. When the NBA banned the use of Jordans on the court the shoes sold even more. Michael Jordan continued to play with his custom shoes and was given a fine for each game he wore them.

Today Nike is one of the world's most well known brands and Air Jordans have sold in the hundreds of thousands. Now there are more than twenty five different versions available and each is very popular. As with all famous brands there is sometimes controversy. During the early 1990s many people were after a pair of Jordans, they were a status symbol. There were a few murders that occurred in which it was said that the motive was the theft of Air Jordan footwear.

For you to choose a pair of Jordans that suits you and provides you with the type of comfort you expect will take some degree of searching. The best place to start is online. There is a greater choice of shoes on the internet as compared to what is on offer from most retail outlets. The web has removed all geographic constraints for shopping. You can easily locate up to date information on the latest models as well as reviews. It may even be possible to pick up a discontinued or old school option.

By spending twenty or thirty minutes searching online you will be able to find a pair of Jordans that is just right for you. Apart from the convenience of being able to shop from the comfort of your own home, you may also find that the products sold online are considerably cheaper than what you would find in your local store. This is because a person or business that is selling footwear through the internet will have less overheads than a typical retail outlet.

If you do plan to buy a pair of Jordans online then it would be wise to have the contact address and number of the seller or dealer. In 99% of cases shopping online has no problems, but occasionally mistakes can be made and the wrong order sent out.

But choosing a pair of new Jordans you will have a pair of shoes that give you comfort, allow you to improve your sporting performance, and you will look stylish and modern. - 31494

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Baron Davis; The Leader of the Los Angeles Clippers

By Luke Feldbaum

Baron Davis has a lot of questions coming into the season to answer. The Clippers guard missed 17 games last season, and in the games he did play, he was somewhat of a letdown. With a healthier team around him, and the addition of #1 pick Blake Griffin, will Davis return to his old form?

Not being able to win 20 games as a professional basketball team is very embarrassing. The Clippers were 27th in scoring and 25th in defense - at least they weren't dead last in both categories.

His statistics still don't show that he is completely healthy and playing at his high level again, but he has taken a leadership role. His numbers don't need to be at his all time peak if his leadership role plays a big part of the team.

Last year, he claimed to feel lost and without direction because he was a newcomer. This year, it's officially "his team." He knows if this is going to work, he has to lead them. He also knows that Blake Griffin is a huge addition and will help a ton.

You may remember that Duncan, alongside David Robinson, led the Spurs to an NBA championship during the very beginning of his career. Can Blake Griffin have a similar type of impact for the Los Angeles Clippers?

With a healthy Marcus Camby, a new stud in Blake Griffin, and a pair of young, talented wings in Eric Gordon and Al Thornton, he can become a great distributor.

Davis has always had a score first mentality, but he also has been getting 7-8 assists a game for the past few seasons. I expect him to put up a career-high in assists, while maintaining his 15 points or so a game like last season.

It can be another long and painful season - or it can be a season where the Clippers change their culture and win some games. - 31494

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Some Tips on Increasing your Vertical Jump

By Bart Icles

Seeing basketball players fly high into the air is always a spectacular sight. You might even be so impressed with how high professional basketball players can jump you might have wished at least once in your life that you can have a vertical jumping ability like they do. It is always quite possible for you to increase the height of your vertical jump. High vertical jumping ability is not always a case of genetics and inborn athleticism. This valuable athletic ability can always be learned.

So how does one go about increasing the height of his or her vertical jump? Achieving a higher vertical leap is not just brought about by a single factor but it is a product of a combination of factors. What you need is to find a proper jump training program, observe a well-balanced diet, develop good work ethics, and adopt a healthier lifestyle. Combine all these factors together and you can easily achieve jaw dropping vertical leaps.

If you want to see significant improvements in your vertical leap, you will need to get your hands on an effective jump higher training program. You know you have the right kind of training system or program when you find one that has different workouts aimed at increasing not only your strength but your speed and explosiveness as well. You know you have a good training program when it is able to help you better understand that the height of your jump is determined by the amount of force you are able to exert on the ground, and how quickly you are able to exert this amount of force.

Another factor you will need to consider is your health and fitness level. Unless you are truly fit and healthy, it will always be quite difficult for you to achieve a higher vertical jump. Jumping higher is also influenced by how healthy you are so make sure that you eat well-balanced meals at regular intervals, get enough rest, and observe a healthy lifestyle.

Most people also tend to overlook the role played by good work ethics on learning how to jump higher. Without dedication and commitment, you cannot expect yourself to learn how to increase your vertical jump in a short span of time. Jumping higher can mean undergoing intense training so before you attempt to pursue a jump higher program, better check if you are dedicated and committed to your goal. - 31494

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Achieve New Heights In Your Jumping With the Jump Manual Review

By Forrest Griffen

If you are looking for a complete guide to jumping higher, then you will want to look into the jump manual review. The jump manual will guide you through all of the intricacies affecting your training for improving your fitness level. By following this guide, you will be able to incorporate the best activities possible for your exercise regime. This will help you jump higher in a very short period of time.

Results from using the Jump manual are often seen within a few weeks after starting the training. These methods of training will focus on making your body strong and healthy. When the body is strong and healthy, a person is able to jump higher. You will also notice that by using this program, you will be able to perform a lot of physical activities with greater ease, along with the increases in your ability to jump. The primary focus of this training method will increase your body's strength too. All of these factors will help you jump higher and be more fit while doing so.

Improving your fitness level can be one of the most important parts to increasing your ability to jump. By improving your fitness level, you increase your strength and decrease the amount of weight you are carrying around with you. Some people have been able to improve their fitness levels enough to the point they are now able to dunk on professional sized basketball courts. People who have successfully applied the strategies of the jump manual, feel a sense of accomplishment when they are able to jump higher than anyone else they know.

The people doing this aren't incredibly tall either. Some people are only five feet tall and are able to dunk on a professional basketball court. People who can do this get a general sense of accomplishment and skill from their feat.

This guide will show you the proper techniques to apply to every factor affecting your ability to jump and stay fit. You will be guided in your choices involving nutrition, exercises, and even discipline to maximize your results. By keeping your exercise regimes in order, eating the right foods, and applying all of these techniques consistently, you will see large improvements in your ability to jump and achieve your sports goals.

If you want to use alternative methods to increase your ability to jump higher, then you should go with those other routes. You should be warned beforehand though, that these programs don't usually work. If you go to a personal trainer to jump higher, you will be talking to a person who does not have very much experience in specifically increasing a person's ability to jump. The Jump Manual specializes in this exercise skill. By using the jump manual, and not another source to guide you, you will be taking advantage of the secrets that have been learned by experts in this field.

There are other methods that people can use to help them improve their jumping abilities. Many of these programs are not as effective as this strategy though. There are other manuals available, but most of them are just sales pitches without any substantial help available for people. Then, there's always the option of hiring a personal trainer. These can be great for overall fitness, but they often lack the expertise required for jumping higher. If you want to jump higher than ever before, then you will want to look into the jump manual created by experts in the art of jumping.

You may be concerned that this is a scam, but there is an easy way to prove this is real. Take a look at the testimonials sent in by actual users of this program. There is video of people after successfully applying the methods presented in the Jump Manual. These videos show how anyone can go from being an average jumper to jumping to super star heights. - 31494

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The Los Angeles Lakers Look to Repeat

By Herman Solomon

The NBA season has just about arrived, and the Los Angeles Lakers are the definite favorite entering the season. Why, you might ask?

Kobe Bryant proved that the Los Angeles Lakers didn't need Shaquille O'Neal to win an NBA title. He did have the help of Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom (two big men), but they're not Shaquille O'Neal in his prime.

He also proved that he would win the next championship before LeBron James would, quieting critics who point out LeBron's superiority with respect to that rivalry. And what a great rivalry this is!

Much of the Lakers' success last year should be attributed to a lot more than just Kobe himself. This was a team effort through and through.

Ron Artest, having come to LA by way of Houston, is one of the great defenders in the game of basketball, and a strong force on offense too. He's said to be responsible for much of Houston's success during the past two seasons, and his presence in LA bolsters an already strong roster. His veteran experience should feed well into the culture in Los Angeles, and many believe that the Lakers should run away from the competition this season.

After a wildly successful season, one has to wonder if the Lakers can do this again. Kobe Bryant will turn 32 this season, still young enough to play some very effective basketball.

Still, other teams in the league have steadily improved over the past few years, and some like Orlando, Cleveland, San Antonio, and Boston have all made worthy acquisitions too.

Having said that, I'd peg the Lakers as the favorite but wouldn't expect them to dominate. It's definitely up for grabs, but Artest makes this powerhouse even stronger. I'm looking forward to seeing what he can do with Kobe. - 31494

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The Jump Manual Review Helps People Jump Higher

By John Fitch

If you want to jump higher and improve your overall fitness levels, then you will want to look into the Jump Manual Review. The jump manual will help you with all your physical activities by increasing your overall fitness levels. This manual gives many different vital exercises for increasing your fitness levels and your ability to jump. This is one of the best sources of information available for helping you increase the height you can jump.

People who use the jump manual often see vast increases in the height they can jump with just a few weeks of training. The program primarily focuses on increasing your body's strength. Through the use of different high quality exercises, you will be able to increase your body's strength. These exercises will build muscle in the parts of your body that matter for all activities, but you will especially see great improvements in the height that you can jump.

Improving your fitness level can be one of the most important parts to increasing your ability to jump. By improving your fitness level, you increase your strength and decrease the amount of weight you are carrying around with you. Some people have been able to improve their fitness levels enough to the point they are now able to dunk on professional sized basketball courts. People who have successfully applied the strategies of the jump manual, feel a sense of accomplishment when they are able to jump higher than anyone else they know.

This is one of the most comprehensive guides available on increasing a person's ability to jump. If you want to reach the rim when you are playing basketball, then you should look into the jump manual.

This is one of the most comprehensive guides available today for increasing your ability to jump high. After a few weeks of training, you should be able to reach the rim on most basketball courts. This ability can be great for helping you in all of the sports you play.

There are other ways to improve your ability to jump, but the truth about these programs is they are not effective. You can hire a personal trainer to target a specific area of athletics, but they will not be able to give you the secrets to jumping higher. Most trainers do not have very much knowledge about this skill. With the jump manual, you will be getting the best information available today on this topic.

There are other manuals available, but these are usually not able to substantiate their claims. Before buying the jump manual, you will have access to many testimonials from actual users who improved their ability to jump after just a few weeks of training. Diligence is the only necessary ingredient to make this program work.

You may be concerned that this is a scam, but there is an easy way to prove this is real. Take a look at the testimonials sent in by actual users of this program. There is video of people after successfully applying the methods presented in the Jump Manual. These videos show how anyone can go from being an average jumper to jumping to super star heights. - 31494

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A Season Outlook: The '09-'10 Chicago Bulls

By Michael Freel

The Chicago Bulls had a better season then their record would have indicated in 08' -'09, 41-41. They were eliminated in the first round by the hands of the Boston Celtics but proved they had a never say quit mentality. Each game was seemingly more dramatic then the previous one. The Celtics had all they could ever want from the Bulls in that series without question. The Bulls look to build off their great performance in the 09' playoffs this season.

The Bulls were a very good home team, 28-13, but a terrible road team,--28. This will have to improve if the Bulls want home court advantage in the playoffs come the spring time.

Vinny Del Negro has since assumed the role, and has slowly brought the team back to a competitive state. Del Negro had some success in the back office for the Suns, but he's never been a head coach before.

The loss of Ben Gordon will hurt the Bulls offense - during the 09' season Gordon averaged 21 points per game and had a sensational first round playoff. Where the Bulls will make up for the points lost during the season will be interesting to see.

Young teams in the NBA typically don't win much so a year under Rose's belt should help his game. The point guard should be a leader on the court as well as scorer when necessary, Rose can do anything he chooses.

Teams in the Bulls division - Indiana Pacers, Milwaukee Bucks, Detroit Pistons (w/ the exception being the Cleveland Cavaliers and maybe the Detroit Pistons) are not better then the Chicago Bulls.

The "Baby" Bulls have a touch act to follow but have good upside to their team. They might be one big man away from contending for the East title; also they need more low post scoring and limit their jump shots.

With Vinny Del Negro coming aboard, things could change this year. He knows the game extremely well, but has little experience as a coach. Time will tell, is it their year? - 31494

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Overachievers and Underachievers in the NBA

By Mark Singleton

I'm so glad that the basketball season has finally begun. This is my favorite sport of them all, and even the first few games get me excited thinking about the possibilities that lie ahead.

Let's take a look at some of the surprises we've seen thus far. We'll look at pleasant surprises, in addition to some underachieving trends we've seen too.

If you've been keeping up with the league, you've probably noticed that the Suns are tearing it up on the courts. Few people remember that this team was considered a championship contender even just two seasons ago, yet they missed the playoffs last year.

Despite the loss of Shaq in the off season, Phoenix is playing some great basketball. It makes you wonder if the team might be better off without him.

Many laughed at the Oklahoma City Thunder last season, as they had one of the worst records in basketball. Few people noticed that this team gradually improved through the course of the year.

What people didn't expect was for the team to start winning games this season. Having won their first two games, the Thunder surprised many fans with wins over the Kings and Pistons.

With wins over the Kings and the Pistons (this one was on the road), they got off to a 2-0 start. Nearly beating the Lakers after this was perhaps the team's best achievement.

There's one more team for us to review, and this is one that seems to be struggling. The Cleveland Cavs dominated the regular season last year, but 09-10 seems to have brought just the opposite to start things out.

With some losses to the Celtics and the Raptors, people had to wonder what was going on in Cleveland. While the team has won its three games since those losses, they've all come against relatively weak opponents. - 31494

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Getting To Know Carmelo Anthony And Lala

By Jaque Moss

Carmelo Anthony and Lala Vasquez originally met in 2003. They remained friends for a month before pursuing more. Ever since, they continue a strong relationship. Many see them as one of the hottest couples that were made for each other.

So how did Melo and Lala meet? I'm sure this is a question most of you have wondered. Well their love story began with Melo asking DJ Clue what he knew about her. Eventually he noticed her inside of a club and went up to her. As he introduced himself, they talked further and later exchanged information. After a while, there friendship blossomed into a relationship.

The year after they met, Melo asked Lala to marry him on Christmas day. In 2006, Lala found out she was expecting their first child. On Wednesday March 7, 2007 their baby boy was born. They named him Kiyan.

Lala is about five years older than Melo. She is 30 and Melo is 25. Kiyan their son, now is two years old. Melo currently plays basketball for the Denver Nuggets. Lala continues doing various things in relation to her TV personality with MTV.

Presently, they have been together for close to seven years. At this time Carmelo Anthony and Lala, have still yet to marry. Many wonder when this will take place, but they often say they want to enjoy their relationship and don't have the time.

Both of them have been through a lot together. They went through a period where Melo was arrested for a DUI and then Lala was ejected from one of Melo's games, due to her becoming upset with fans. Additionally, there have been claims that Melo has been seeing a 24 year old in Los Angeles, whether true that is unknown. Melo and Lala continue a relationship as engaged, when they get married, who knows? - 31494

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Getting To Know Carmelo Anthony And Lala

By Jaque Moss

carmelo anthony and lala met in 2003. It was not love at first sight, but a friendship, which lasted a month before turning into more. They continue to as one of the hottest couples. When you see them, they still look as two people who have just met and never give the impression of having been together for a while.

They met in a club for those that don't already know. According to Lala, Melo was asking their mutual friend DJ Clue about her for some time. After a while, they were both in the same club and Melo spotted her and went up and started talking with her. From there, they became friends, which progressed into a relationship.

It was Christmas day on 2004 that Melo asked Lala to marry him. From there, they found out Lala was expecting in 2006. Kiyan was born to them on March 7, 2007 the following year.

Lala is famous for her TV personality and has done various things regarding shows and modeling. Melo on the other hand is the small forward for the denver nuggets. Currently Lala is 30 and Melo is 25. Their son now is 2.

The two of them seem like they are in no rush to get married. Both say they are enjoying their relationship and no wedding plans have been set. From the time, they started going out, they now have been together for close to seven years.

Both of them have been through a lot together. They went through a period where Melo was arrested for a DUI and then Lala was ejected from one of Melo's games, due to her becoming upset with fans. Additionally, there have been claims that Melo has been seeing a 24 year old in Los Angeles, whether true that is unknown. Melo and Lala continue a relationship as engaged, when they get married, who knows? - 31494

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Chauncey Billup's Has Huge Impact For Denver Nuggets

By Carl Lee

During the past few seasons, the Denver Nuggets have been one of those teams that generally play respectable basketball, finish the season with a winning record, make the playoffs and exits in the first round. Basketball fans had become accustomed to seeing this take place on a yearly basis, so people were surprised (to say the least) to witness the run that the Denver Nuggets embarked on during the 2009 NBA playoffs.

Not many expected the Denver Nuggets - who were notorious for losing in the first round it seems - to make it to the Western Conference Finals. The Nuggets were out manned and out played against the Lakers but that still doesn't take away from the excellent season they had.

The knock on Denver for many years was they can score but refused to play defense - this wasn't the case because Denver was'th is defense. Trading Iverson for Billups, definitely was a key move to fixing this problem.

The addition of point guard Chauncey Billups essentially changed their season for the better once he arrived in town. Billups brought a defensive mentality from the Detroit Pistons who were one of the best defensive teams of the decade.

Billups is also a great on court leader who knows how to play in big games. In 77 games with Denver Billups averaged 17 points per game, 6 assists and 91% at the free throw line. At 32 years old at the time, Billups seemed to hit the prime of his career.

The Denver Nuggets are in a loaded Western Conference so taking the next step to the NBA Finals will be no easy feet. This potentially could be the MVP season Carmelo Anthony which he hasn't had yet - granted Carmelo is still only 25 but his prime years are fast approaching. This could be the year of Carmelo, he maybe talked about in the same breathe as Lebron James and Kobe Bryant as the games best all around player, not just the best scorer in the league.

As a result, the Nuggets ended up beating the Hornets in five games, before easily defeating the Mavericks in round 2 of the NBA playoffs. Then it was on to the Western Finals against the Lakers.

The Denver Nuggets have the same core of players that had last season and it wasn't enough to beat the Lakers, maybe Denver can add one more piece to their team to give them a better chance this season. - 31494

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Did Mark Cuban Make The Right Moves For The Dallas Mavericks?

By Andy Worrell

The Dallas Mavericks lost in the second round to the Denver Nuggets in the 09' playoffs. This time the Mavs weren't the favorites but the under dogs - which they are not familiar in being.

The Mavs have fallen back the last couple seasons - they were once the frontrunner in the West but now have become an average team. It wasn't too long ago they were going deep into the playoffs.

In 06, the Mavs were up two games on the Miami Heat then lost 4 games in a row. The Mavs did rebound a season later with an outstanding record of 67-15, only to lose in the first round.

The Mavs plays in a very tough Western Conference with the Los Angeles Lakers, San Antonio Spurs, Denver Nuggets, the improving Portland Trail Blazers, Utah Jazz, and Houston Rockets. In the 08-09' there were 6 teams in the West with more then 50 wins - this upcoming season should be no different.

Most notably, Shawn Marion's addition to the team will give the Mavs a defensive toughness that the team desperately needs. Shawn Marion will reunite with former teammate Jason Kidd (they played together in Phoenix with the Suns), and his all around versatility will be invaluable to the team. If Marion can contribute like he did in Phoenix, this move will payoff big for Cuban.

Drew Gooden will be a big presence in the paint for Dallas. One of the Dallas Mavericks' weakest points in recent years has been rebounding. Gooden should help in this area with his size, 6'10 and 250lbs.

With Shawn Marion and Drew Gooden in town, they should definitely see improvements on defense.

The Lakers are the favorite once again to win the West, but things can change, players can get hurt, teams that were once good the previous season aren't so much the next, many things can happen. The Mavs hope they will rise again to the top of the West, but it won't be easy. - 31494

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The Atlanta Hawks Look to Make Strides in '09-'10 Season

By Ben Ridge

The Atlanta Hawks were a good team in the 08'-09' season. The Hawks were swept in the second round of the playoffs by the Cleveland Cavaliers - this would suggest the Hawks are yet to take the leap into one of the better Eastern Conference teams.

The Hawks advanced through the first round of the playoffs, defeating the Miami Heat in round one, before meeting the Cleveland Cavs in the second round. The Cavs pounced on the Hawks, easily defeating them and putting an end to what was otherwise a successful season for the Atlanta Hawks.

The Hawks have a very young team and looking to build even further in the 09'-10' season. The Hawks were lead by Joe Johnson who averaged nearly 22 points per game in 79 games played.

Johnson is a prolific shooter, especially from the perimeter, and Horford is an exceptional, multi-faceted basketball player whose presence has dominated the team greatly during his two seasons in the league. This is the man to build the team around for years to come.

Horford has great rebounding and shot-blocking ability, and moves up and down the basketball court with great speed. A work in progress, he's expected to improve steadily during the next few seasons. If Horford can develop into what they think he can be, Johnson will have some really nice help around him.

When you can't score you must prevent the other team from scoring, the Hawks defense must improve because their opponent's average for the season was 97 points per game - championship quality teams do not give up that many points.

The only concern I see is the lack of scoring for this team. They must improve on putting up bigger points if they want to make some noise.

The Hawks might be a playoff team once again but the chance of them reaching the Eastern Conference Finals with their current team is doubtful. - 31494

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The Rockets Look for Success Without Yao and Artest

By Harold Dworkin

The Houston Rockets possibly over achieved last season stretching a 7 game series with the champs Los Angeles Lakers. They fought hard, but just couldn't pull it out.

The Rockets went 53-29, which in the Western Conference is very good. The Rockets racked up wins by their defensive efforts holding teams under 95 points per game. The Rockets were 17th in scoring - which is why they couldn't beat the Lakers, not enough fire power.

This nearly happened, as the Houston Rockets took the Los Angeles Lakers to a full seven games during the Western Conference semifinals last season. While the Lakers won this game 7 by a whole' points, the Rockets had LA's number during a few of these games, leaving many wondering just how dangerous this efficient basketball team was.

Yao Ming has been battling injuries his entire career and many as of late. We still do not know if he will play in the 09-10' season.

Will the Rockets still be the same, pesky team that scared so many NBA clubs last season? Or will Ron Artest's move to the Lakers bridge the gap between the two franchises by that much more?

Hopefully the Rockets can get Yao Ming back sometime during the latter half of the season before the playoffs. Most teams that usually go all the way usually have a stud big man. Yao is exactly that, if he can ever stay healthy.

Tracey McGrady can't stay healthy either. McGrady is only 30 years old but this is his 12th NBA season and his body has a lot of miles on it already. McGrady never played all 82 games in a season - the most was 78 games in the 04'-05' season. McGrady's scoring average has decreased every season 02'-03' also.

Whether this has to do with having better players around him or issues with his health isn't known, maybe both. McGrady's scoring average always increased during the playoffs but he would face better teams and couldn't make it out the first round. - 31494

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Will Gordon and Villanueva Save the Detroit Pistons?

By Alex Stein

Things took an interesting turn for the Detroit Pistons this past year. Gone are the days of the Eastern Conference supremacy, and gone are many of the familiar names we've been accustomed to seeing in a Pistons uniform over the years.

Chauncey Billups is now in Denver (and playing great basketball). Allen Iverson, who was acquired in this trade, has also left town to sign with the Bobcats (so much for winning that championship anytime soon). Then there's Rasheed Wallace, who opted to join the Celtics after the end of this season.

In are Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva, two capable scorers. In is Ben Wallace, a familiar face from the past, though not nearly as effective as he used to be.

Ben Gordon should help their scoring issues. He put up some very respectable numbers in the past for the Bulls and even came up big in several playoff games.

In 08'-09' Charlie Villanueva averaged 16 points per game, the highest of his career and at 6-11, he gives the Pistons some size up front.

This is the year nobody really knows what they will see from the Detroit Pistons. When teams get new faces people automatically assume the team will improve, that doesn't always happen. Yes, the Detroit Pistons are a playoff team but can they compete with Boston? Cleveland? Orlando? The Pistons hope Rodney Stuckey is their franchise point guard for years to come. The Pistons still have Richard Hamilton and Tayshaun Prince who have many playoff game experience.

One player who will need to average more in both rebounds and points is C Chris Wilcox. Wilcox has been on a few teams now since his career started in 2002, maybe Detroit is where he can finally shine as a player and contribute a good deal.

This season for the Detroit Pistons will be very interesting because when people speak about the front runners in the East the pistons aren't mentioned. We will see how the new acquisitions work out. - 31494

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Charlotte Bobcats, A Young Team On The Rise

By Micah Barber

The Charlotte Bobcats went 35-47 in the 08'-09' season - the Bobcats best season since their inception since 2004. The Bobcats really have improved every season they been in the NBA - if this trend continues hopefully the Bobcats will make the playoffs for the first time in 2010.

Larry Brown is an excellent basketball teacher and should keep the young Bobcats hungry for the playoffs. He's the perfect coach for a team this young.

The Bobcats were on the verge last season but fell just short. They did show signs of being a potential playoff team in the near future.

A young basketball team typically does not know how to win close games and don't do well on the road - this should change to a degree this season.

With newly acquired center Tyson Chandler, the Charlotte Bobcats have a big presence in the middle, capable of pulling down boards. Hopefully for the Bobcats sake, Chandler can get over the fact he didn't want to be in Charlotte. One bad attitude never helps!

Gone is Emeka Okafor and his loss will be noticed when it comes to rebounds. The presence of Boris Diaw should give the Bobcats a nice one-two punch.

F Gerald Wallace averaged nearly 17 points per game last season and will need to continue to do so this season.

The future overall for the Charlotte Bobcats looks bright - with Michael Jordan as owner, that doesn't hurt much either. He's a winner and knows what it takes to be a part of a championship team. - 31494

About the Author:

Improve Your Basketball Shooting in Two Simple Steps

By Brian McCormick

I love basketball. High school, college, pee-wee, it doesn't really matter to me. Just give me players with passion for the game, competing their hardest against each other, and I'm good to go. However, that slightly changed this past weekend. I went to check out the local high school play-offs and was shocked by the overall poor shooting. In the four championship games I watched, all of them featuring players that will play college basketball next year, the best offense was "chuck and chase": throw the ball in the general direction of the rim and fight like a crazed dog for the offensive rebound and put-back opportunities. I know the big arena and the reliance on the three-point shot were partly to blame for the poor shooting night, but it resulted primarily from players' poor hand positioning on the ball when they shot it and their failure to catch the ball ready to shoot.

The majority of coaches concentrate on the elbow and shoulders when correcting a player's shot. But that's usually the wrong place to start. In the majority of the cases, the player's shooting struggles originate from their shooting hand position negatively impacting their shot. This has nothing to do with the shoulders or elbow. So the first thing you should do is to make sure that the player correctly positions his hand on the ball. The easiest way to do this is to have the player center the ball directly under their shooting hand. Now when the player shoots, the middle and index fingers should be the last two fingers to leave the ball. That's why it makes sense to have these two fingers centered.

There are three popular ways to achieve this: first, split the index and middle fingers with the nozzle (the ball's center); align the middle finger with the ball's center; or, put the index finger in the middle. All three make sense: if the goal is to shoot with the last two fingers, then both should be equally centered; however, centering the middle finger spreads the hand equally over the ball; but, if you extend your fingers toward the rim in a shooting motion, it is the index finger, not the middle finger, that points straight to the rim, while the body's physiology points the middle finger slightly to the right for a right-handed shooter.

My main goal when working with a player is to make him feel comfortable and confident, so out of the three approaches, I go with the one that is most comfortable for the player. But the problem usually happens when the player has his hand on the side of the ball. You have to make sure that the shooting hand is centered using one of the approaches I explained above.

The next hand placement issue is pointing your hand at the target. Again, most coaches and trainers focus on getting the elbow straight or the shoulders squared to the basket first; but, many players already have their elbow in naturally, but must twist their wrist to the target as part of the shot. When the player's hand is properly under the ball, with a "wrinkle in the wrist," you'll notice a small indentation at the base of the palm when you're getting ready to shoot. As the player lifts the ball to shoot, the indentation should be directed toward the target. This ensures that the ball is shot straight towards the target. If the player twists their hand and wrist as they shoot, they add another variable, and decreases your shooting consistency.

These simple elements will improve a shooter's technique and turn them into a consistent shooter. But, to be a great shooter, players also have to improve the base of their shots. The base is the foundation for a successful shot, plain and simple. If a player has a poor foundation, his shot will be really inconsistent. In order to improve the foundation, teach him to be ready to shoot when he receives the pass. So many bad and poor shots are taken because the player takes too long to catch and shoot, and ends up letting the defense recover; when the player is receiving the pass, make sure that his feet are wide (about shoulder width apart), knees bent, and hands up and ready.

Also, players must use their legs to power their shot. A lot of players tend to shoot the ball on the way down of their jump shot, which eliminates the power generated by the leg drive when jumping. By shooting the ball on the way up, earlier in the jump, they player is able use the power generated by the leg drive and increase his power. Effectively using the increase in force created by using the leg drive will also help increase the arc on the ball when it's shot. Many streaky and inconsistent shooters shoot a very flat shot due to not using their leg drive properly. This allows little room for error, since your shooting a line drive directly at the rim instead of arcing into the hoop.

While the hand position, preparation to catch the pass and leg drive will not automatically create a shooter, improving these three areas will improve a player's ability to shoot consistently. Change is difficult, and players who have taken hundreds of thousands of shots have built bad habits that are difficult to change, especially if the player has had some measure of success. But, for a player to reach his potential, he must learn to shoot consistently, as the game boils down to the ability to put the ball in the hoop. By tweaking the hand placement on the ball as the player lifts the ball into the shot, while concentrating on receiving the pass prepared to shoot and then utilizing a solid leg drive, a player's consistency will increase, creating a better overall offensive player. - 31494

About the Author:

Season Predictions for the Golden State Warriors

By Mario Rojas

The Golden State Warriors were the feel good story of 2007. Everyone was rooting for them come playoff time. The slogan, "Ya gotta believe" was the theme going on out west.

Their defense the last two seasons has been one of the worst in the league - if not the worst. They can score when they want but don't play any defense and let teams back in games.

If one thing needs to change it's their defensive mentality, otherwise the Warriors will be the Phoenix Suns of old - a very exciting team but can't make critical stops when the game is on the line.

The Warriors drafted and highly talented Stephen Curry - Curry made himself as the best scorer in college basketball. While he might not score 30 points per game on the professional he should be a key player on the team eventually.

There's a lot of young talent to go around for the Warriors, and they'll look to make the most of it next season. It's a bit of a rebuilding process for them, but they definitely have potential and are heading in the right direction.

The Warriors play in the highly talented and strong Western Conference - in the West making the playoffs as the 8th seed will be a difficult task. If the warriors hope to play in late spring then they will need to improve on defense - no team that was last in scoring defense ever made the playoffs.

The Warriors lack a scoring big man to create offense for them when they need it. The guard play for the Warriors have been good but the lack of big man depth hurts their team.

The Gold State Warriors are a "tweener" team - meaning they could have a fairly good season maybe be around .500 or their season can be a disaster and they are looking at a 30 win season at the bottom of the West. - 31494

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Boston Celtics, Another Title in 09-10?

By Todd Maven

The Boston Celtics are coming off a disappointing 7 game series loss to the Orlando Magic in the second round of the 09' playoffs. All things consider, the Celtics should be pleased with their playoff run given they didn't have team leader Kevin Garnett.

To be honest, the fact that Boston took Orlando to 7 games is pretty impressive in and of itself when you consider the ease with which the Magic buried the Cavs in the Eastern Conference finals.

With that said, the Boston Celtics will look to exact revenge on the Magic in 2009-2010. With a healthy Kevin Garnett at their disposal, the team will look to pick up right where it left off after it won an NBA title during the 2007-2008 basketball season.

The "Big Three" for the Celtics - Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen are not getting any younger so this could be one of the last seasons the Celtics have a legitimate chance at winning the title.

Originally the Boston Celtics had the "Big Three" with Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen - points during the season last year it was the "Big Four" with Rondo included.

In the 08'-09 Wallace only averaged 12 points per game - his lowest scoring averages since his rookie year in 95'-96'.

The Magic have bolstered their roster with Vince Carter, and the Cavs have recruited Shaquille O'Neal. Wallace is a necessity in Boston, as the level of competition has been upped yet another notch.

Wallace won a championship in 04' with the Detroit Pistons and is no stranger in playing in important games in the spring and summer time. - 31494

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Building Your Outdoor Basketball Court

By Jen Parsens

One of the most popular sports these days is basketball. A lot of people have decided to play this sport not only to keep themselves healthy but is also a good therapy for stress caused by numerous stressors. Aside from health, this is also a good avenue for children to develop values like teamwork and determination.

Because of this, it may be that many people have built their basketball outdoors right into an empty space in their homes. And if you want to have the same set in your backyard, you just take into account the following in the construction of outdoor tennis.

First of all, you have to think what type of court you want to have on your lawn. Building outdoor basketball courts give you two options. One is to have permanent outdoor basketball courts or just the temporary ones for your lawn.

Permanent outdoor courts mean that you will have a permanent ring installed on your driveway. As a permanent solution, outdoor courts will remain in your yard or on your driveway. You can have a tall and sturdy pole installed in the yardn where the basketball board and ring will be attached.

If you do not want to have permanent outdoor courts, you can just opt to buy portable boards and poles for your home. This can be set up for you to have outdoor courts when you feel like playing then taken down once you are done. This will bring your driveway back to its original look.

The only problem however with this type of goal is that mounting them may take several hours, as in the day. This means that you are already tired of mounting the goal even before you start to sweat in the sport.

If you have walls in the entrance area, your best option is to get basketball boards and rings that can connect to it. In this way, you would consume less space and time because you need not install any additional poles or spend fighting for hours just to assemble.

Having outdoor basketball courts is very easy as long as you know the best option for you. You can buy or get these basketball court solutions or items in different sports shop and start enjoying the sport that you like even if you are at home and have a great time. - 31494

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How To Dunk: Use This Workout and Learn How To Dunk in 4 Weeks

By Brayden Fisher

If you are just a few inches away from dunking then you have come to the right place. If you follow the exercise routine I have laid out for you below, I am certain that you can learn how to dunk in 4 weeks or less. If you stick with this routine and train HARD for the next four weeks you should gain a minimum of 5-6 inches on your vertical leap.

When it comes down to it, in order to increase your vertical jump you have to improve your EXPLOSIVE POWER. The best way to accomplish this is to lift with VERY HEAVY weights. When performing each exercise we should not be able to do more than 8 reps per set. If you can lift more than this, then you need to increase the weight.

The main muscles involved when performing a jumping motion are the hamstrings, quads and calves. So these are the muscles that we are going strengthen in order to get you dunking in 4 weeks or less. The exercises below are the best exercises you can do to improve your vertical leap. It is important to not only do strength exercises but also use a combination of speed exercises as well.

The first workout we have is The Strength Workout. We are going to do this 3 times per week. Like I mentioned earlier we are not going to be doing a bunch of reps. We want to do 3 sets of 8 using VERY HEAVY weight. Here are the exercises:



Good Mornings

Hamstring Raises

Dead Lifts

These exercises are very common so I am not going to explain how to perform them. However, if there is one that you are not familiar with then do an internet search for it to learn how to do it properly.

The Plyometric Workout: You should do this workout routine twice a week. Do not do this the same days as your strength workout.

Run 3 sets of either 50 or 100 yard sprints

Jump Rope - Do 1 minute drills

Knee Highs

Depth Jumps

Improve Your Jumping Technique:

If you are really close to dunking but just not quite able to throw it down, the first thing you should focus on is the proper jumping form. Most people have never given any attention to their jumping technique and they are losing valuable inches on their vertical leap.

I have a website solely dedicated to teaching others how to improve their jumping form. Take a look at it by clicking on the "How To Dunk" link I have listed below. You can gain some inches on your vertical INSTANTLY by focusing on proper jumping form.

By performing this workout and practicing the proper jumping form CONSITENTLY over the next 4 weeks, I am certain you will increase your vertical leap and learn how to dunk. I hope you liked this information, now let's get started :)

=============================================================== - 31494

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