Jump Higher - Increase Your Vertical Jump

By Dana Goldberg

There can be many reasons for wanting to improve vertical jump. It is an important skill to have in various competitive sports and events such as basketball and athletics. To be a good all-round athlete requires more than just a quick pace.

How high can u jump today, test yourself. You would be lucky to be able to leap more than 40 centimetres vertically. Even the most famous NBA stars were not born with the ability to jump as high as they do in important games. It takes years of dedicated exercise and fitness regimes to be able to out perform other players.

The exercises and techniques that are known to improve vertical leap as easy to practice. There is no need to hire an expensive trainer or join a gym simply to be able to jump higher.

First of all you are going to need to practice. To be good at any activity will take practice. If you quickly get bored of jumping up and down on the spot then you can try incorporating a skipping rope in to your training routine for more variation. A skipping rope is the only piece of equipment you will need to improve your vertical jump. Many top sportspeople will skip on a daily basis to enhance their overall fitness level.

At first it may take some time to get use to jumping over a skipping rope but it is not too difficult. Also it will help to develop your coordination.

In many sports it is important to out jump other players from a running position as well as from standing. You will need to practice sprinting and jumping. This exercise will also develop your balance and posture when in the air. A fun way to carry out this routine would be to hang objects from various heights from a ceiling and then practice running and grabbing the objects. - 31494

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