A Season Outlook: The '09-'10 Chicago Bulls

By Michael Freel

The Chicago Bulls had a better season then their record would have indicated in 08' -'09, 41-41. They were eliminated in the first round by the hands of the Boston Celtics but proved they had a never say quit mentality. Each game was seemingly more dramatic then the previous one. The Celtics had all they could ever want from the Bulls in that series without question. The Bulls look to build off their great performance in the 09' playoffs this season.

The Bulls were a very good home team, 28-13, but a terrible road team,--28. This will have to improve if the Bulls want home court advantage in the playoffs come the spring time.

Vinny Del Negro has since assumed the role, and has slowly brought the team back to a competitive state. Del Negro had some success in the back office for the Suns, but he's never been a head coach before.

The loss of Ben Gordon will hurt the Bulls offense - during the 09' season Gordon averaged 21 points per game and had a sensational first round playoff. Where the Bulls will make up for the points lost during the season will be interesting to see.

Young teams in the NBA typically don't win much so a year under Rose's belt should help his game. The point guard should be a leader on the court as well as scorer when necessary, Rose can do anything he chooses.

Teams in the Bulls division - Indiana Pacers, Milwaukee Bucks, Detroit Pistons (w/ the exception being the Cleveland Cavaliers and maybe the Detroit Pistons) are not better then the Chicago Bulls.

The "Baby" Bulls have a touch act to follow but have good upside to their team. They might be one big man away from contending for the East title; also they need more low post scoring and limit their jump shots.

With Vinny Del Negro coming aboard, things could change this year. He knows the game extremely well, but has little experience as a coach. Time will tell, is it their year? - 31494

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