Understand Your Power And Learn How To Jump Higher

By Bill Paxton

Do you want to know how you can jump higher? Lots of people who play all kinds of sports fantasize that they had a 40in vertical leap, but there are only a select few who know how to get it. While some people are born gifted, others must learn how to build up their vertical leap. The key factor to improving your jumping ability is to become familiar with the two types of muscle power.

Learning how to jump higher requires you to understand the two kinds of power and their differences: reactive power and strength power. There is no chance of results if you do not know the difference between the kinds of powers and how to use them to your advantage in your workout routines.

Strength power is made up of the amount of energy our muscles can give off. Every person realizes that if you want to jump better, you should build up your leg muscles. This is why it is logical to exercise your legs and calves especially. With this additional strength you can move your whole body off the ground with additional force.

What many people do not realize is building too much muscle can actually hurt your chances of learning how to jump higher. The reason for this is because the muscle mass you build will add to your overall weight thus decreasing your vertical jump. It can also make you slower while making it increasingly difficult to get off of the ground.

This is why you must have an even amount of muscle build up. Once you master this move, you can go on to learn the next kind of power you must concentrate on -- reactive power.

Reactive power zooms in on how quickly your muscles are able to contract while using strength power. Reactive power does not put emphasis on muscle mass like strength power, but instead uses the central nervous system. You mission is to correctly maintain the speed component of your power equation.

You can improve the reactive power of the lower body using many different exercise techniques. You must correctly build up muscles if you want to have the highest vertical jump possible.

This is precisely why you need to learn to master the two different kinds of power listed in this article in order to increase your vertical leap. Simply building your leg muscles up to a ridiculous amount will do nothing for you without reactive power. But without strength power, your legs will not be capable of lifting your body weight into the air. In order to learn how to jump higher, it is vital you understand the concept of these two kinds of power. - 31494

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