How To Dunk: Use This Workout and Learn How To Dunk in 4 Weeks

By Brayden Fisher

If you are just a few inches away from dunking then you have come to the right place. If you follow the exercise routine I have laid out for you below, I am certain that you can learn how to dunk in 4 weeks or less. If you stick with this routine and train HARD for the next four weeks you should gain a minimum of 5-6 inches on your vertical leap.

When it comes down to it, in order to increase your vertical jump you have to improve your EXPLOSIVE POWER. The best way to accomplish this is to lift with VERY HEAVY weights. When performing each exercise we should not be able to do more than 8 reps per set. If you can lift more than this, then you need to increase the weight.

The main muscles involved when performing a jumping motion are the hamstrings, quads and calves. So these are the muscles that we are going strengthen in order to get you dunking in 4 weeks or less. The exercises below are the best exercises you can do to improve your vertical leap. It is important to not only do strength exercises but also use a combination of speed exercises as well.

The first workout we have is The Strength Workout. We are going to do this 3 times per week. Like I mentioned earlier we are not going to be doing a bunch of reps. We want to do 3 sets of 8 using VERY HEAVY weight. Here are the exercises:



Good Mornings

Hamstring Raises

Dead Lifts

These exercises are very common so I am not going to explain how to perform them. However, if there is one that you are not familiar with then do an internet search for it to learn how to do it properly.

The Plyometric Workout: You should do this workout routine twice a week. Do not do this the same days as your strength workout.

Run 3 sets of either 50 or 100 yard sprints

Jump Rope - Do 1 minute drills

Knee Highs

Depth Jumps

Improve Your Jumping Technique:

If you are really close to dunking but just not quite able to throw it down, the first thing you should focus on is the proper jumping form. Most people have never given any attention to their jumping technique and they are losing valuable inches on their vertical leap.

I have a website solely dedicated to teaching others how to improve their jumping form. Take a look at it by clicking on the "How To Dunk" link I have listed below. You can gain some inches on your vertical INSTANTLY by focusing on proper jumping form.

By performing this workout and practicing the proper jumping form CONSITENTLY over the next 4 weeks, I am certain you will increase your vertical leap and learn how to dunk. I hope you liked this information, now let's get started :)

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