Can Shaq Help the Cleveland Cavaliers Bring a Championship Home?

By Louis Rogalia

The Cleveland Cavaliers thought they were going to hoist the NBA Championship in 09', it wasn't to be. Their record during the regular season impressed all.

It was great to make the finals, but they were swept by the Spurs that season, LeBron James was young and constantly improving his game. Standards are set really high in Cleveland and this isn't acceptable anymore.

Shaguille O'Neal is suppose to be the player to fill the void the Cavs had last season in the playoffs, a scoring threat besides Lebron James. Shag can't score 30 points per game anymore but if he gives the cavs 17-18 points per game and 8-9 rebounds, Cavs fans will take that.

During the 2008-2009 season, the Cavs looked like the team to beat. Boasting the best home record in the NBA (they had a 39-2 home record), the Cleveland Cavaliers also had the best record in the NBA. A 66-16 finish gave them the top seed in the Eastern Conference and home court advantage throughout the entire playoffs. It looked like it'd be the year for Cleveland.

Unfortunately, the team's run was spoiled by the Orlando Magic. This left Cleveland fans wondering if Dwight Howard and the Magic had the Cavs' number, and what could be done about this.

Surely, the team was lacking in the big man department. Enter Shaquille O'Neal. The Cavs now enjoy the presence of the big man on their roster, and will look to use his physical prowess and playoff experience to bring home an NBA title.

Lebron is entering his 7th season, he has a lot of success on and off the court, nothing will be as sweet as a championship ring.

With Lebron's contract coming to an end, the time is now for Cleveland. If they have any hope, it's only going to be while Lebron's in town. There's a chance he stays in Cleveland, but there are going to be some real hefty offers from some major market teams, which Cleveland may not be able to match. - 31494

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