Season Predictions for the Golden State Warriors

By Mario Rojas

The Golden State Warriors were the feel good story of 2007. Everyone was rooting for them come playoff time. The slogan, "Ya gotta believe" was the theme going on out west.

Their defense the last two seasons has been one of the worst in the league - if not the worst. They can score when they want but don't play any defense and let teams back in games.

If one thing needs to change it's their defensive mentality, otherwise the Warriors will be the Phoenix Suns of old - a very exciting team but can't make critical stops when the game is on the line.

The Warriors drafted and highly talented Stephen Curry - Curry made himself as the best scorer in college basketball. While he might not score 30 points per game on the professional he should be a key player on the team eventually.

There's a lot of young talent to go around for the Warriors, and they'll look to make the most of it next season. It's a bit of a rebuilding process for them, but they definitely have potential and are heading in the right direction.

The Warriors play in the highly talented and strong Western Conference - in the West making the playoffs as the 8th seed will be a difficult task. If the warriors hope to play in late spring then they will need to improve on defense - no team that was last in scoring defense ever made the playoffs.

The Warriors lack a scoring big man to create offense for them when they need it. The guard play for the Warriors have been good but the lack of big man depth hurts their team.

The Gold State Warriors are a "tweener" team - meaning they could have a fairly good season maybe be around .500 or their season can be a disaster and they are looking at a 30 win season at the bottom of the West. - 31494

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