You Can Increase Your Vertical Jump 2-3 Inches Today by Changing Your Jumping Form

By Brayden Fisher

Are you aware that you can learn how to jump higher? If you implement the correct jumping form and practice the proper techniques, your vertical jump can increase quickly. How many times have you been playing basketball and you see a guy who is really close to dunking but just can't seem to get the few extra inches he needs? I know I have seen it a lot and I'm sure you have too.

They go up for the dunk never changing their technique, using the same approach and getting the same result......another missed dunk! By making a few simple changes in their jumping technique they could get the extra height they need to finish the dunk right. Just by adjusting your form and practicing the proper jumping techniques you can increase your vertical anywhere from 3-6 inches! Now we come to the question....what is the perfect jumping form? Let's explore...

Below I have broken down the 7 steps to a perfect jump. Keep in mind this is just a quick summary of the perfect jump but all of the steps are there. For more information on jumping form and how to increase your vertical leap click on the links I have for you at the bottom of the page.

1. Warm Up - Warming up before you prepare to jump will increase the elasticity of you muscles and joints. It will improve blood flow to your muscles as well.

2. Stretch - Yeah, Ok, so it's not very exciting. However, stetching increases the elasticity of your muscles and this is exactly what we want.

3. Eliminate All Mental Blockages - Develop the mindset that you are going to muster up all the potential that you have within you. Failure cannot be an option or you won't be successful! Visualize yourself jumping higher than you ever have before.

4. Exaggerate The Last Step - Exaggerating the last step will lower the body into the correct position and prepare you for EXPLODING up.

5. Use the Whole Body - Use your arms and lower back to propel yourself in a synchronous upward motion. Point your toes slightly upward toward your knees just before explosion to allow for a full range of motion.

6. Use Your Momemtum - Practice transferring your foward momentum upward without slowing or stopping before you explode up for your jump.

7. Be Quick - Performing these movements quickly is essential. You want to transfer your momentum upwards fluidly and quickly to get the maximum effect. Shuffling your feet, going too slow, or over-exaggerating the last step will decrease your overall jumping height.

Hopefully you were able to learn something or pick up a tiny gem from this overview of the proper jumping form. If you would like additional information about how to increase your vertical leap visit the links I have below:

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