Do You Want a 40 Inch Vertical Leap? Then Train Like This....

By Brayden Fisher

Do you want a 40 inch vertical leap? That's not something that is going to come easy. If it were then everyone on your block would be dunking like Lebron James. However, YOU CAN increase your vertical leap if you implement the right training routine and combine that with some serious hard work.

This is something that I can say with confidence because I was able to increase my vertical from 31 to 43 inches! Now these gains didn't happen in a week or two. In fact, it took me about 7 months to gain those inches. I wish I could tell you different, but there is not a supplement or magic pill that you can take to help you improve your vertical leap.

The better you understand your body and WHY you are performing certain exercises, the faster your training will yield results. So, before we begin your 40 inch vertical training we need to understand some basic principles:

Principle #1 - Focusing on Quality and not Quantity

One of the biggest mistakes people make is performing a bunch of sets and reps. They spend hours each day doing drills and are dedicated to them. They feel the burning in their legs and calves but get no results. So why is this?

Training this way improves your muscles endurance instead of your jumping power. They may be training really hard but they are training WRONG. In order to train effectively for explosion we need to focus on the QUALITY of the reps and not the quantity. Also, focus on your INTENSITY instead of repetitions.

Everytime you workout, INTENSITY needs to be your main focus. You will not see the vertical leap gains that you desire if you are pacing yourself during your workout sessions. Do fewer reps and bump up the intensity instead.

Principle # 2 - Overload Your Muscles

The quads, hamstrings and calves are the most important muscles groups involved in the jumping process. Therefore, if we can increase our EXPLOSION and POWER with these muscles we will improve our vertical jump. In order to improve our power the muscles need to become stronger. Working out with EXTEMELY HEAVY weights and performing low reps will increase your strength quickly. This is called "overloading" the muscles. It makes the muscle fibers stronger and enables them to contract with more force. This will increase EXPLOSION, which is just what we want. Knowing this is very important in training for a 40 inch vertical.

Principle #3 - Complex Explosion Training

Using a combination of plyometrics and weight training is known as Complex Training. This is HANDS DOWN the best way to train. If you are looking for a gadget or magic supplement to help you acheive that 40 inch vertical then save yourself time and stop right now. You are going to have to do some good ole' fashioned HARD WORK to gain those inches.

If you would like to learn some of my favorite exercises that I use to increase my vertical leap then visit the links I have below. They are VERY effective and will help you achieve the vertical jump gains you are looking for.

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