Charlotte Bobcats, A Young Team On The Rise

By Micah Barber

The Charlotte Bobcats went 35-47 in the 08'-09' season - the Bobcats best season since their inception since 2004. The Bobcats really have improved every season they been in the NBA - if this trend continues hopefully the Bobcats will make the playoffs for the first time in 2010.

Larry Brown is an excellent basketball teacher and should keep the young Bobcats hungry for the playoffs. He's the perfect coach for a team this young.

The Bobcats were on the verge last season but fell just short. They did show signs of being a potential playoff team in the near future.

A young basketball team typically does not know how to win close games and don't do well on the road - this should change to a degree this season.

With newly acquired center Tyson Chandler, the Charlotte Bobcats have a big presence in the middle, capable of pulling down boards. Hopefully for the Bobcats sake, Chandler can get over the fact he didn't want to be in Charlotte. One bad attitude never helps!

Gone is Emeka Okafor and his loss will be noticed when it comes to rebounds. The presence of Boris Diaw should give the Bobcats a nice one-two punch.

F Gerald Wallace averaged nearly 17 points per game last season and will need to continue to do so this season.

The future overall for the Charlotte Bobcats looks bright - with Michael Jordan as owner, that doesn't hurt much either. He's a winner and knows what it takes to be a part of a championship team. - 31494

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