Men, Beer Belly Be Gone, But You Can Keep Your Beer!

By Dorthy Weatherbush

Men are you tired of hearing about how flat your stomach used to be and how the heaviest thing you lift now is your gut over your belt? If so, thats about to change, as I (drum roll please) am about to show you How to Get Rid of the Beer Belly without Giving Up Beer! Now let's get down to defining what a beer belly really is and determine if it is really caused by beer.

Let us first define what a beer belly is. By definition, a beer belly is an area of fat that is positioned between your chest and your waist, or what used to be your waist. Now, is it cause by beer? The surprising answer is no. Science has proven that beer bellies are caused by calories that haven't been burned up by your body that get deposited to that section of your body. Why is it deposited there? Men are genetically dispositioned to deposit the greatest amount of their fat in their stomach area.

Now that you know where your beer belly reallly comes from (probably that fried chicken you've been eating) you get start figuring out what you, if anything, you are going to do to get back in shape. You can begin by working on the fat cells that are multiplying in your stomach. While beer is not the direct cause of your belly, it can contribute. Alcohol can make you hungrier (think about your last time at happy hour at a local bar). So if you stopped drinking as much, you'd be taking a step in the right direction.

Lose the beer and you can also lose that increased appetite. But this article isn't about getting rid of the beer; it's about getting rid of the belly, so I won't tell you to stop drinking. You could also exercise and burn more calories than the amount of calories you take in from drinking beer. But exercise too may sound like a lot of hard work. So for the purposes of this article, we will focus on the best beers for your belly!

The first thing that probably comes to mind when you think of low calorie beer is the light beers that don't taste very good. This article was written for real men who would never dream of drinking one of those girly light beers.

First we have the nice and dark Guiness Draught; this beer is not light and with only 125 calories and 10 carbs, you don't have to worry about your belly. It's also full of flavor so you don't have to drink tons to make up for a bad taste. Second we have Beamish Irish Stout; it's light on calories with only 131. Finally, we have Busch which only has about 133 calories and around 10 carbs. So drink responsibly and get rid of that gut!

So now you have the key to getting rid of your beer belly without having to but down the bottle. So the next time your wife or girlfriend tells you to get off the couch and lose some weight, go grab yourself another cold one, pop the bottle open and tell her you're working on it now! - 31494

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