Discover How To Increase Your Vertical Leap In Basketball

By Blake Helton

Do you want to know how to jump higher in basketball immediately by at least a few inches? So do a lot of people. The problem is that they do not know how to do it. It does not require any vertical jump training to improve strength, either. It is as simple as following directions.

Having proper jumping form can immediately increase multiple inches on your vertical using the leg strength you already have. Do not immediately assume that you are already jumping with the right form, because almost no one does without practice.

Add a little routine at the beginning or end of your workout where you practice proper jumping form. This will help you a lot because you can either tune your muscles to jump right before your exercise, or you can teach them to jump right when they are tired after your workout. Either way form practice is great for improving your vertical leap.

The first part of form jumping is getting your mentality right. You need to think that you are going to learn how to jump higher in basketball using your full potential and body strength. If you do not have your mind right, then you will not jump as high.

One and two leg jumps are the two main forms of vertical jump training jumping.

If you prefer jumping off of one leg then this form jumping is for you. The key to jumping off of one leg is to jump as quickly and smoothly as possible. Start by running forward and jumping up as high as you can using quickness and smoothness. Make sure you swing your arms to help you gain extra momentum. Once you land run forward again and do the same thing with the same form. Repetition will help you develop your jumping form the most.

A two legged jump involves a little more than a one legged jump. You want to start by running forward and then do a mini jump and land on two feet. Then, jump up as high as you can. Try not to bend your knees when you take off. Repeat this over and over to help tune your muscles to be good with this form.

Doing form jumps is a very key way to improve your vertical almost instantly. When you start jumping like you do in the form jumps you should notice an immediate improvement. - 31494

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