Dwight Howard Has a 39 Inch Vertical Leap - Here is His Workout

By Brayden Fisher

Dwight Howard is 6"11 and weighs more than 260 pounds. He is definately a force in the NBA and gives defenders problems. Although, this wasn't the case his rookie year. Since then he has taken his workouts seriously and gotten MUCH stronger. To prove my point, let's take a look at his bench press numbers. Dwight Howard has improved his bench from 185 to 360 since his rookie season. Those are some pretty impressive numbers. So how was he able to do this? Let's find out...

Joe Rogowski, the personal trainer of Dwight Howard, has to be given a lot of the credit for the strength gains Dwight has gotten. He has given him workout routines that focus on gaining muscle mass and improving explosive power. Joes says that one of the key elements is to consistently change up the workout routine. This will shock the muscles and they will not be able to adapt to the same workout. Joe sets Dwight Howard up on a combination of plyometric and strength workouts. The plyometrics help Dwight's speed and agility and heavy weight training will help him gain strength and power. A few of the most important exercises that Joe has Dwight Howard do are listed below...

Bench Press - Dwight mixes this up using the straight bar and dumbbells. Rogowski likes to have Dwight perform the pyramid routine. The pyramid he uses is 10-8-6-4-2.

Leg Press - Dwight has back hyperextension therefore, Joe prefers to use the Leg Press machine instead of free weight squats. He doesn't want to risk any injury to Dwight's back. Dwight can still lift very heavy weight and keep his back from injury by using the leg press machine.

The Perfect Push Up - Dwight purchased the perfect push up handles and he like to use them in the comfort of his own home. He integrates his push up workout routines with his video game playing. For example, if he is playing a boxing game, he rips out a set of push ups each time he defeats an opponent. Every time he dies in a role playing game he pumps out another set and does as many push ups as he can.

Dwight Howard has an impressive 39" vertical leap. Joe Rogowski incorporates plyometric exercises and speed drills into Dwight's workout routine as well. This keeps him flying above the rim so he can continue to throw down those impressive SUPERMAN DUNKS! A few of his favorite exercises to increase his vertical leap include box jumps, sprints and the jump rope.

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