Kevin Durant Will Emerge

By Kyle Martinez

With one of the worst records in the NBA during the 2008-2009 season, the Thunder weren't exactly one of the NBA's more exciting teams. Still, fans came to watch them in droves, and only ten other teams had higher attendance marks than the Thunder did last year.

Most of the source of any excitement in Oklahoma City, despite the team's struggles, has to do with Kevin Durant. Additionally, the Thunder are still the new team in town in Oklahoma City, so the idea of a major sports franchise there is till a gift to the city's residents. It's the first of its kind.

Having formerly been the Sonics in Seattle, the basketball lovers in Seattle are still mourning the loss of their Sonics, but they may have to wait a while before they'll get another NBA franchise. As for fans in Oklahoma City, they'll be happy to have their Thunder, good or bad.

An NBA superstar in the making, the hopes of this franchise rest in the hands of Kevin Durant. He could easily win the scoring title in 09-10, and should probably make the All-Star team too.

The Thunder won't likely finish with a winning record in 09-10, but they'll definitely rely on Kevin Durant as a source of winning games. He'll be the team's leading scorer, and might even be the top scorer in all of basketball.

Kevin Durant will lead the charge in Oklahoma City and should lead the team in multiple categories. Don't be surprised to see some 50+ point games out of him too. Additionally, much of the offense should run through him.

However, he's not the only source of talent in Oklahoma City. Jeff Green and Russell Westbrook are two fine players and could easily contribute to a young core full of talented players.

Don't be surprised to see Durant average over 25 points per game this season, and he may very well flirt with 30 points per game. He should easily be an All-Star this season and you never know - he might even win his team some games. - 31494

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