Discover 3 Different Vertical Jumping Exercise Forms

By Blake Helton

Do you struggle to increase your vertical at all during your vertical jumping exercises? Do you know what you are doing wrong? The best place to start is with the basics.

These three are plyometrics, general jumping exercises, and weight training. They each have their own benefits and weaknesses, and the weakness of one can be strengthened by another form of the vertical jumping exercises.

These vertical jumping exercises all have their own strengths and should be used accordingly.

Plyometric vertical jump training exercises can be a great way to improve your vertical if you do them right. They are especially effective when you train them exactly how they are supposed to: Maximum repetitions and minimum weight. This will help by improving how fast your leg muscles can react when your mind tells them to jump. Plyometrics can be the most effective vertical jumping exercises for you as long as you can do them right.

General jump exercises can be a great way to work every aspect of your vertical jump in one workout. That is because general jump exercises like lunge jumping are supposed to each have a middle amount of repetitions and weight. If you feel like you are not doing enough repetitions when doing a general jump exercise, then you should lower the weight a little bit. Let other forms of vertical jump training train different types of your vertical jump.

Do you struggle trying to improve your vertical when lifting weights? That is probably because you are not training the right way. It is important to lift a lot with only a little repetition when lifting weights. Squats are a popular and efficient weight training method. Make sure to do plyometric and general jump training equally with weight training because it can slow down your muscles. Even if weight training makes you jump a lot higher, it will slow down your muscles if it is the only type of training you do. Design a workout for you to improve every part of your vertical as much as you can.

Do not be like other athletes who have wasted their time training their vertical jump for basketball the wrong way. Design a workout specialized for you that will train every aspect of your vertical.

Train the right way with an even balance of jump height and speed. Use what you have learned to make sure you train and get the results you want. You will be very pleased. - 31494

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