Basketball : Advice On How To Jump Higher

By Mark Walters

Basketball is a game where height is might. In a game where the hoop that must be scored in is ten feet above the ground, the reason for this is obvious. However, the tallest players are not necessarily the best players.

You also need to have strength, speed, and the ability to jump higher to be able to win on rebounds or to dunk the basketball. How to jump higher in basketball is therefore something all basketball players would like to know.

There are many exercises and drills that coaches force their players to undergo. These range in their level of intensity and duration. Most are require the assistance of a trainer and teammates to complete. However, you can definitely train yourself to jump higher without the assistance of anyone else.

To give you a hint of what will be required to be able to jump higher off the ground, here are some of the basic exercises that you will need to do...

The most basic one is jumping rope. You will no doubt have heard of the benefits of this before, but have, none done it since you were a child. This is no problem as it is easy enough to pick it up again.

You need a good jumping rope if you will be doing this exercise regularly. It is important that you jump off your toes as you are doing the exercise. Doing so will build up your calf muscles, which mainly power your jumps.

A further exercise recommended by some manuals on how to jump higher in basketball is to walk on tiptoe for at least twenty minutes a day. Add another five minutes to your exercise by also walking backwards on tiptoes.

You should also do some long jump exercises. This will allow you to start your jump farther away from the hoop and still be able to put the ball through it. That is the basics covered; these simple exercises improve your leaping ability, which will allow you to reach up higher. Keep in mind though that training yourself to jump higher will not bring overnight results, so be patient. - 31494

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