The Truth About The Steve Nash Rookie Card

By Karl Merigue

Steve Nash rookie card, went from times of difficulty to joining a list of those who had made history. He became one of the 11 men that are the only one's in the history of the NBA to win Most Valuable player, multiple times. He weighs less than 200 pounds and is 6 feet and three inches tall.

When he first started, everything was a different story for him. Jason Kidd in 1996 was the main star on the team he joined. Only 11 games that he started in, on the first two seasons that he played. This was when he first arrived on the Phoenix Suns from Santa Clara. At this time he was only averaging about 10 points a game and three assists.

Now it is much different. The Phoenix Suns could not imagine playing without him. Although he was traded in 1998 to Dallas, it seems that it made a big difference on the way he played. He went from nobody to having all-star status within a short amount of time. In 2004, as a free agent he returned to the Suns.

In 2004-05 and 2005-06, Steve Nash grabbed hold of the MVP title. A lot of this accounted to the improvement in his game. He became much better at layups and three pointers, which seemed to have a lot to do with Mike D'Antoni.

His game was now averaging 11 assists and 19 points, which helped to earn his team recognition as one of the top NBA teams. For some reason his steve nash rookie card remains undervalued. The question remains as to whether this has become overlooked or just has been some bad judgment call.

The value of his basketball card remains way undervalued for the accomplishments he has made. When his card will increase in value remains a mystery. Presently, people can enjoy purchasing his card for much less than it really is worth, until at least they realize that he deserves a much higher price value for his card. - 31494

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