How To Choose A Pair Of New Jordans

By Carlo Dallago

Nike has been in the business of designing footwear for a number of decades. In the 1980s there was an increase in demand for a quality sports shoe as more people took up various sports and started working out. Back then the choice of shoes available was a lot less and those that were being sold were not so comfortable when exercising. It was because of this that Nike introduced the Air Jordan. Since then Nike have sold millions of pairs, and today new Jordans are still in demand.

The design of the Air Jordan was completely different than every other kind of sports shoe. Twenty years ago most trainers were created for jogging or running, there was no design specially manufactured for the basketball court. Nike introduced a new technology that involved a small pocket of gas in the sole of the shoe. This allowed basketball players and other sportspeople a greater lift and more comfort.

The popularity of the Air Jordan increased as they were marketed in a tie up with the then unknown Michael Jordan. As his reputation increased so did the sales of the Air Jordan. When the NBA banned the use of Jordans on the court the shoes sold even more. Michael Jordan continued to play with his custom shoes and was given a fine for each game he wore them.

Today Nike is one of the world's most well known brands and Air Jordans have sold in the hundreds of thousands. Now there are more than twenty five different versions available and each is very popular. As with all famous brands there is sometimes controversy. During the early 1990s many people were after a pair of Jordans, they were a status symbol. There were a few murders that occurred in which it was said that the motive was the theft of Air Jordan footwear.

For you to choose a pair of Jordans that suits you and provides you with the type of comfort you expect will take some degree of searching. The best place to start is online. There is a greater choice of shoes on the internet as compared to what is on offer from most retail outlets. The web has removed all geographic constraints for shopping. You can easily locate up to date information on the latest models as well as reviews. It may even be possible to pick up a discontinued or old school option.

By spending twenty or thirty minutes searching online you will be able to find a pair of Jordans that is just right for you. Apart from the convenience of being able to shop from the comfort of your own home, you may also find that the products sold online are considerably cheaper than what you would find in your local store. This is because a person or business that is selling footwear through the internet will have less overheads than a typical retail outlet.

If you do plan to buy a pair of Jordans online then it would be wise to have the contact address and number of the seller or dealer. In 99% of cases shopping online has no problems, but occasionally mistakes can be made and the wrong order sent out.

But choosing a pair of new Jordans you will have a pair of shoes that give you comfort, allow you to improve your sporting performance, and you will look stylish and modern. - 31494

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