3 Successful Exercises To Extend Vertical Jump For Volleyball Approximately 12 Inches In Just Ten Weeks

By Glenn Atkins

Volleyball is fun game whether you play indoor or on the beach. If you are a volleyball player, you need to explore and rule the game like the way that you should. Besides basic talents and strategy, you need to jump higher than your adversary to slam the ball or block your opponents shots.

These are some effective volleyball exercises to increase vertical jump up to 12 inches in just ten weeks or less. If you already jump high enough, you might not gain the full ten inches because your body is at its maximum growing capacity.

The most typical exercises to increase vertical jump is bounds. You can perform this exercise by jogging at ordinary speed and then push off your right leg with an extend stride, while at the same time bring your left leg up at a 90 degree angle ( your thigh is meant to be parallel to the floor ). While your left leg is up, your right arm should form a 90 degree angle to give your body more momentum. Keep repeating this motion with other leg and continue for a distance of forty to 50 meters long.

Squats are also important exercises to extend vertical jump because it develop the hamstrings and glutes muscles. You have to do intense squat exercises with lower repetition and heavy weights. Generally, the weight should be heavy enough for you to only do four to six repetitions at a time, repeat this process for three to four times.

Remember you should keep your back straight while lowering your body down to a 90 degree angle and make sure to have a spotter if you could.

One of the most serious muscles that help you jump higher is the calves. You have to do lots of calves raises, stair steppers, or perhaps single leg hopping exercises to increase vertical leap. While doing calve raises, you should stand on an edge ( either a stair step or a bench ), hold more heavy dumbbells to add more pressure to your muscles.

Single leg hopping is a very effective exercise to extend vertical jump and can simply be done by standing on one leg, jump off that leg forward and land on the same leg. This permits you to train your whole leg and particularly your calves and shin muscles while using the other leg to gain balance to your entire body. Switch leg and repeat the method for 4 to five times. - 31494

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