Dirk Nowitzki Girlfriend Was A Sheep In A Disguise

By Jim Mechant

The press has had a field day with Dirk Nowitzki girlfriend news. Dirk is trying to keep quiet about the whole matter but the fact of the matter is no one else is feeding into his silence.

What we do know is that Dirk Nowitzki was involved with a woman by the name of Cristal Taylor. The two were seen together often and looked like two kids in love as many of Dirk's friends would later go on to explain.

Apparently Nowitzki bought 37 year old Taylor a $250, 000 engagement ring and the two were supposed to wed sometime soon. However, it was not a happy ending for the couple. In fact Dirk Nowitzki girlfriend drama began shortly after the star asked Taylor to marry him.

A lot of Dirks friends were pressuring the star to get a background check done on Taylor. She was always extremely secretive about her past and things she had done while she was younger. Dirk decided that a back ground check would not be such a bad idea.

Taylor was arrested in May for two outstanding warrants that she had, and in fact Taylor was also previously married which she had never bothered to tell her future husband about either. Taylor actually forced her previous husband to file bankruptcy and put him into $330, 000 in debt.

Dirk Nowitzki girlfriend Cristal, had also gained access to the stars credit cards as well. She was happily utilizing the cards without the stars permission. Taylor gives a brand new name to the term gold digger when you think about the way that this sheep in wolves clothing would manipulate men to give her everything that she ever wanted.

If it had not been for the police coming when they did, Dirk could have made a horrible mistake that would have ruined him for the rest of his life. Taylor needs to learn something, you can run but the truth will always find you. - 31494

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