Show Your Tiger Pride with Clemson Checks

By Alan Plastin

Are you a devoted follower of the Clemson Tigers? Would you like to make your personal bank checks more exciting? If so, then you might want to think about getting Clemson University personal checks. Aside from giving your checks some character, when you carry these checks, you can also showcase your Tiger pride.

A public university located in Clemson, South Carolina, Clemson University has students from all 50 states and from 89 countries from around the world. When it comes to athletics, the Clemson Tigers have one of the most loyal groups of followers out there.

The Tiger Paw logo has been around since 1970. It was, in fact, created from the mold of a real Bengal Tiger located in the St. Louis Zoo. It is the hook at the bottom of the paw that shows that it is the trademark for the university.

Before they joined the ACC, the Tigers football team won 2 Southern Conferences. These days, it is the leader amongst ACC schools when it comes to conference championships at 13. They have also won 15 bowl games over the years and played in 30.

Memorial Stadium is where the men's football team plays its home games. Fans of the Tigers affectionately refer to memorial stadium and the Frank Howard Field as "Death Valley."

Before every home game begins, the team members load up in buses and stand at the top of the hill where they rub "Howard's Rock", a rock that came from Death Valley. Then, as the Tiger Rag is played loudly and a canon's sound pierces the air, the team members run triumphantly down the hill and into the field while the fans cheer them on. Sportscaster Brent Musburger has called this the most exciting 25 seconds in college football.

If you are also a devoted fan, then you can show your support by carrying the Clemson University checks.

If you want to show off your Tiger pride then you basically have two check designs to choose from. The Clemson University #1 Fan checks are for those fans that paint orange streaks across their faces and rant and rave at the coaches on game day.

On the other hand, the Clemson Logo checks are a more subdued orange color with the paw print design right in the center of the check itself. If you want accessories to match your checks you can also purchase matching address labels and a coordinating debt wallet as well.

Remember that by buying your checks online from a protected site you can usually save as much as 50% off of the price of the checks. You will also have a larger variety of checks to choose from than those that your local bank might have in stock. You can typically expect to get your checks in the mail in 5 days. - 31494

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