The Strongest NBA Contenders In The NBA Eastern Conference

By Grant Martin

It's been a very exciting and interesting season of basketball so far. With many new teams emerging and some of the usual powerhouses slowly beginning to show vulnerability, the postseason this year is up in the air and who will come out on top is anyone's guess.

The Lakers are still playing like the favorites to win the Western Conference and while anything can happen in the playoffs, it's the Eastern Conference that seems to be a bit more interesting at the moment.

Are you wondering just what Eastern teams are going to go all the way to the NBA finals? Let's talk about the three teams that have the best chance of doing this.

First, there are the Orlando Magic. You may be wondering why they're mentioned first here, because they don't have the best record in the Eastern Conference by any means, as they've won seven less games than Cleveland has. However, they have the second best record in the East and they did make the NBA finals last season.

They just don't seem to go at it with as much intensity as they did last year. There is still time for them to change this though, as long as they get busy with that right now.

Another implosion is impending in Boston. The team that won the NBA title two seasons ago looks to be in a state of turmoil. Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce have both been hit with injuries through the season and neither looks to be at full speed. Then, the team is rumored to be shopping Ray Allen around, which would break up the strong core that brought this team a championship.

And finally, the team that is really having the best season so far is Cleveland. Yes, they started off kind of slow, but, with Shaquille O'Neal a part of the lineup, they seem to be the best team as of right now. Their focus will be to beat Orlando and Boston, two teams that defeated them in the previous two years. - 31494

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