The Basketball World's Best 5 Point Guards

By Marc Thompson

If you look at most successful basketball teams, there's a highly skilled point guard in place running the show on offense. These are the guys who make magic happen on the basketball court.

The ball distributor sets the tone for a team's offense and an apt one is likely to lead his team to success. If he's a good defender, he'll do even more good for his team.

We've been privileged enough to have some of the best point guards in the history of the sport during the last quarter century. I'd like to give my due to five of them, and I'll be ranking them in order. This all comes down to my opinion, and I hope you agree with my rankings here.

At number five, I put Steve Nash. This wouldn't have even crossed my mind five years ago, which is interesting when you consider his age of 35. Despite this, he's still playing some of the best basketball of his career and his MVP awards speak for themselves.

Chris Paul. CP3 continues to get better with each year, and he could easily find his way higher up on the list when all is said and done.

Chris Paul fills the stat sheet like no other point guard in basketball. Between his league high assists and steals, his great shooting ability, and his rebounding prowess, Paul is truly one of a kind.

Jason Kidd. The triple double king of our generation and one of the best to ever handle the basketball, Kidd is a modern day Oscar Robertson with his unique ability to pass and rebound from the point guard position.

After Kidd comes a pure point guard in John Stockton. He was the king of assists year in and year out while he played, and he found great success in Utah with Karl Malone and the Jazz. Year in and year out, they were a competitive team thanks to his proficiency at the position.

Magic Johnson. Ervin Magic Johnson led the Lakers to multiple championships and most people credit this all to him. His ability to pass like few others did, rebound, and score the ball with ease made him one of the most versatile to ever play the position and one of the greatest to ever play. - 31494

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