Go Jayhawks! University of Kansas Personal Checks

By Alan Plastin

Do you cheer for the University of Kansas Jayhawks? Are you seeking an economical way of showing your school spirit for your beloved college athletic team? If you are, then purchasing University of Kansas personal bank checks is not only a fantastic way of letting everyone know where your dedication lies, but it's an inexpensive means, too.

With the main campus located in Lawrence, the University of Kansas was founded in 1865. Not only the Flagship University for the State, as of 2008; according to the U.S. News & World Report it was also the 18th most popular university in the country.

The school's official mascot is the Jayhawk, a cross between a sparrow hawk and a blue jay. It became a popular word before the Civil War when the Jayhawkers, an abolitionist group, adopted it. Once Kansas became a free state, it became synonymous with the people of the state.

It's the University's men's basketball team that seems to get the most attention, and with good reason. The Jayhawks have garnered 52 conference championships-an NCAA record. Behind Kentucky and North Carolina, it also ranks 3rd all-time in NCAA Division I and it has recurrently been categorized in the AP Top 25 college basketball poll. Kansas has been to the Final Four under more head coaches than any other school and all of their head coaches have taken the team to the Final Four. Only Kentucky and North Carolina have won more titles.

Even though the University of Kansas football team doesn't catch the publicity that their basketball team receives, they have still made it to the Orange Bowl 3 times. During the 2007-2008 seasons, the University obtained the most combined wins by any NCAA Division I program.

Nothing could be simpler than purchasing personal checks if you wish to show off your team spirit for the University of Kansas Jayhawks.

There are basically two kinds of University of Kansas checks to select from. The Kansas Logo checks contain a light blue background with a depiction of the Jayhawk in the center and in the upper left hand corner. You can also find a coordinating debit wallet, checkbook cover, and return labels with these checks.

The #1 Fan Checks for the University of Kansas are also available. These come with one scene that depicts that diehard fan that makes a point to watch every game and doesn't mind to give interviews about their real feelings when it comes to the final outcome. Matching accessories can also be found with these checks.

If the price and inconvenience of going to your local bank kept you from ordering interesting personal checks in the past, then you might be surprised to learn that by ordering your checks from a safe site you can save up to 50%. You just need to have your routing number and checking account number handy so that they can be printed onto your checks. You can usually expect to receive them in around 3-5 days. - 31494

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