Get Started on Your Outdoor Court

By Alberto Sanchez

If you are among the many people who love basketball, then one of the first things you may have in your home is your own backyard basketball court. With that, here are the steps required to install a court as the backyard of the other enthusiasts who also own outdoor tennis courts.

Measure your lawn and see the size of backyard basketball court that you can fit on it is the first step that you can do. If your lawn is big enough, you may have a full basketball court like the outdoor courts that others have or just half court if it is not big enough. Measuring the area will help you get the right number of materials to use for the court.

Then also check the ground where it will be installed as the backyard basketball court. The reason for this is that the field cannot be the actual level yet. Uneven ground can affect your game in a negative way, because the ball can bounce in different directions while dribbling instead. Apart from this, accidents can also happen, because there is a chance that you travel on uneven ground.

Third is to prepare the hole where the basketball pole is to be placed. Dig a hole with a diameter which is three times the diameter of the post. In terms of depth, 14 inches from the pole or up to 15 inches should be buried in that hole to ensure stability.

Fourth, have your gravel ready and put it on the hole. Fill six up to eight inches of that hole with gravel. Level it and then place the pole on top of it. The reason why you are putting gravel is the fact that it will be helpful in terms of drainage on the pole area.

Next, you have to put in concrete mix in the hole. The amount of the concrete mix should be enough that it will fill a height of three up to four inches. Again, you need to be sure that it is leveled inside the hole so the stability of the pole will not be compromised.

Finally, add the water in the concrete mix and put in soil that has been excavated before the hole again to seal it. Just remember that you should read the concrete mix mixing guide or instructions on the package so that you know the right amount of water to put in the hole. After doing all these steps, simply wait for the seal to dry and begin playing in the backyard basketball court. Now you can invite fellow basketball fans to have a game with you in the comfort of your home and then watch your favorite game later.

After doing all these steps, you just need to wait for the seal to dry out and start playing on your backyard basketball court. Now, you can invite fellow basketball fans to have a game with you in the comforts of your home then watch your favorite game after. - 31494

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