A Newly Emerged Fantasy Basketball Sensation

By Jason Jordan

It happens on an annual basis, without fail. There are always a few NBA players who emerge during the course of the season, hitting the radar screens of every fantasy basketball GM as they break out.

These are guys you had your eye on at some point in time, and you're still kicking yourself over the fact that you missed the chance to draft them.

During the 08-09 season, players like Tyrus Thomas fit the mold, owned in nearly every league by season's end. How about this year though? With a few months of basketball behind us, it's time to reflect by proclaiming some of the next enduring fantasy forces in the league.

In my mind, it isn't much of a contest this season. I believe that Kevin Love has been the player to stand above the rest of the pack. His stats are invaluable to many fantasy teams in leagues around the world.

At center for the Timberwolves, there's Kevin Love. Not only is he one of the best rebounders in the NBA right now, averaging over 12.5 per game, but his scoring (15+) and his free throw percentage (80%) are both very impressive.

Any center who can shoot 80% from the line is magnificent in that category. A huge bonus that comes with owning Love is the fact that he's averaging over half a three pointer per game.

Love is in rare company here, as one of the only NBA centers to have three point shooting ability. He's also one of the only centers to contribute over a steal per game.

While he was drafted by some teams in the very late rounds, he went undrafted by and large. In addition to this, most of those who drafted him decided to drop him when it was revealed that he'd miss the first month of the season due to injury.

As a result, quite a few lucky GMs around the fantasy world have enjoyed a huge boost from a pleasant surprise. - 31494

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