Increase Your Vertical Jump With Plyometric Workouts

By Blake Helton

If you want to use plyometrics to increase your vertical, then you need to design a fitness plan specifically with plyometrics in mind. Use this guide to give you advice on how to structure it. You should pay close attention to what muscle you work on for the day's workout and stay focused or you will not see the best results you could.

You need to focus on three things when you design your plyometric workout and not your jumping exercise workout: exercise intensity, exercise duration, and what muscle you want to improve during the workout. If you can abide by all three of these parts, then you should increase your vertical by a lot of inches.

When doing a plyometric training program, you should focus on the intensity so you do not overwork yourself. If you workout has a lot of really intense workouts, maybe you should add in a less intense workout between every few intense workout. Doing this will help you have enough energy to finish off every workout in your program instead of being to tired to finish the last ones.

If you want to design your own plyometric training workout, then you should pay close attention to the duration for each exercise. Unless the exercise is supposed to go for a certain time or distance, you should determine the time. The harder the workout, the shorter the time should be.

It can be hard to increase vertical leap if you do not know what muscles you want to work. That is why you should decide what muscle or muscles you want to work each day and choose exercises that will do that. It is completely alright to decide that you want to work every leg muscle on certain days as long as you plan ahead and know what you are going to do.

Do not get upset if you do not get the results you wanted immediately. Over time these workouts and tips are designed to help you increase your vertical. Some people will see results immediately, while others may take a little while longer. Whichever one you are, keep working to jump higher.

Always follow the instructions of the workout. Just because we tell you to do something, does not mean you do it if the exercise description says to do otherwise. The exercises are designed a certain way, so only follow these instructions when the exercise does not say exactly what you should do.

Follow all of these tips to help you design your plyometric training workout. If you can design it correctly, then you should start to see results pretty quickly. Do not be discouraged if you do not start seeing results quickly, though. It will come in time. - 31494

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